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Summer Hats Guide

Got your suntan lotion ready? Life’s a beach this summer, and you may consider your rad friends here at the foremost experts on all things warm and balmy this year. We’re rolling out the towels, dusting the sand off our feet, and spiking up a wide selection of summer hats and accessories, just in time for the shorts and t-shirt weather. Reminder: Our Father’s Day sale is going on now, and there is still plenty of time to pick out something heartfelt for Father Dearest. Between now and June 12th, grab Father’s Day hats at a whopping 25% off. You won’t find that very often! Summer Hats

Straw Summer Hats

What kind of images does summer conjure up for you? For us it is a country boy reclining by the creek in a straw hat, chewing on a piece of grass, and tying a fishing line around his big toe. Ok, a little hokey, we must admit, but you can’t deny that the straw hat is the quintessential American Summer hat. Styles come and go, but this one seems to be sticking! Make hay (or straw) while the sun shines this year!

Panama Hats

Why not go with a little tropical flair in your summer hat this season? While the so called “Panama hat” is actually from Ecuador, there is no denying that it is emblematic of all things warm, green, and summary. You’ll have to supply your own rum cocktail to complete the look!

Wide Brim Sun Hats

A perfect summer hat is one that gives you ample protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays. We’ve got a dizzying selection of wide brim sun hats that are big, bold, and blocking. Why tote around a parasol when you can wear a lightweight one on your noggin? Now you are thinking like a true, dyed in the wool beam-bum! These come in all shapes and sizes, and are made to easily fit into a bag or pack so that you are free to roam in comfort.

Kids Summer Hats

Summer is a very special time to be a young kid. The school bells cease their incessant ringing, and you’re released into absolute freedom for up to three months! What could possibly be better? Not getting sunburned for one! And why not look fashionable as well as practical? We’ve got a crazy selection of summer hats and accessories for the little ones in your life. Why not check them out and pick out something stylish kid hats for that special little guy or girl?
As we wind our way into the glorious months of another summer, make sure to take ample time to stop and smell the roses. A new attitude, a long put off trip abroad, and cool summer hat are just what the doctor ordered as the world heats up. So squeeze the sand between your toes, pop open your favorite beverage, and take some time to explore the world of summer fashion with your friends here at while supplies (and the sunshiny days) last!
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