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Veterans Day Caps

Veteran's Day Hats & Caps November is a special time of year for those who’ve served our country in the armed services. Each November 11th we as a people set aside a day to give thanks to the men and women who have fought and served our nation. No matter what your political affiliation, soldiers are a group of people who undergo extreme hardship and stress, and are deserving of respect for putting their lives on the line. As we get ready to mark the occasion, has a special selection to honor the troops past and present.

Veterans Embroidered Caps

Vietnam Veteran Hat Cap U.S. Air Force Veteran Hat Cap Korea Veteran Hat Cap Vietnam Veteran Hat Cap WW2 Veteran Hat Cap One of the benefits of having been a soldier is a sense of brotherhood and comradely that few civilians will ever be able to fully comprehend. For this reason, veterans often showcase their theatre of service by sporting caps embroidered with the war or company that they were a part of. In such a way, veterans can find each other, create new bonds, and share a sense of pride and grief in the harrowing situations of their youths. We here at can well understand the purpose of such hats, and have created a wide selection including nearly every theatre of war in which the US has been involved in modern times. Check out the selection, and see if you can find the appropriate piece for the veteran in your life on this somber and special occasion.

Embroidered Custom Beanies

Vietnam Veteran Beanie U.S Army Retired Beanie Vietnam Veteran Beanie OEF Afghanistan Beanie By mid-November, many places in the world are cold enough to warrant a change in headwear. As mothers often say, a great deal of the heat generated by the human body tends to escape through the head. While we’ve never checked the science on this (or any of the other things Mom said), one doesn’t need proof that a cozy beanie is a real comfort on a frosty day. But no worries, there is certainly no need to sacrifice a Veterans Day patch just to satisfy the cold weather clothing requirements. Now there are beanies custom embroidered with the symbols veterans typically wear, allowing them to stay toasty and showcase their service all at once.

Veteran’s Embroidered Patches

Vietnam Veteran Patch Vietnam Veteran Patch Gulf War Veteran U.S. Marines Patch Operation Iraqi Freedom Patch But what happens if you can’t find the exact embroidering done on the precise item of clothing you are looking for? Again, has you totally covered just in time for this year’s Veterans Day. If you know how to sew, there is no end to the combinations you can make with our wonderful veteran patches. Make a special gym bag, sweater, or tea cozy that proudly proclaims a soldier’s service in times of need. Your imagination is the only limit to what kind of present you can create for that special war hero in your life. Veteran's Day Hats & Caps Whatever you ultimately decide to do for Veterans Day, remember that it is more than just a bit of time off of work. Those that have given their service, their youths, and their blood to honor the wishes of our country’s government deserve to be respected and remembered this November. Make sure to salute a soldier near you this Veterans Day, and give them thanks for all they’ve done.
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