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Ultimate Guide to Winter: Savings, Winter Apparel and Style

Don't get stuck to the flag pole this winter.  

108985B3-CA72-5E3F-65136E2BBE31351EDon't get stuck to the flagpole this winter. The winter is upon us, and all of the kicking and screaming is not going to change the fact that summer is over. The temperature is dropping, snow is beginning to fall, stores are decorated for the holidays, and TBS is queuing up "A Christmas Story. The winter, especially the holiday season, can be a stressful time for everyone. There are gifts to buy, deadlines at work, family time anxiety, and a hundred other stresses. We have put together this guide to help you not only survive the winter, but to thrive. Whether you are looking for simple Do-it-yourself tips for the winter, a guide to holiday shopping and helping you find the best deals, and even a guide to winter fashion. This 2014 Guide to Winter will be a life saver. You'll even find tips for cold weather emergencies.



Winter Life Hacks

  • Use an ice pop to trick your thermostat into turning on the heat faster.


  • Use an electric blanket to pre-warm your bed and your clothes.

electric blanket

  • Use pipe insulation to quickly fill in door gaps.


  • Women’s knee high socks make great toddler leggings.


  • Cut out insoles made of wool for added warmth in your shoes over the winter.


Do-it Yourself Snuggie

  • Make a homemade “Snuggie" the best piece of winter apparel. See the tutorial here.
  • DIY Fingerless gloves.

DIY statement fingerless gloves by Xenia Kuhn for fashionrolla-4

  • Kitty Litter works great for getting your car out of the snow when it is stuck.


  • Easily prevent an icy windshield by simply using vinegar.


  • Cut pool noodles into small chunks to keep your boots straight.

enhanced-buzz-23318-1383329716-7During the winter, reverse the direction of your ceiling fan which will recirculate the warm air trapped above.


The ultimate cold remedy is quite simple, lemon, ginger, and Siracha.enhanced-buzz-6866-1358378340-6

  • Make your socks waterproof by simply adding plastic sandwich bags to create custom waterproof socks.


  • Using a shaving razor on old sweatshirts can clear it of frayed threads and make them new.



Beanies and Winter HatsHoliday shopping can sometimes feel like you are inside of a kaleidoscope.

Winter Shopping Guide

Best time to shop for clothing and accessories:

  • End of the season
  • Boxing Day December 26th (Similar to Black Friday)
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • January-April

Top Winter Products


Additional Savvy Shopper Tips

  • Coupon code websites: With a quick Google search you can find coupon codes for most online retailers posted on thousands of different coupon code websites.
  • Visit sites like Groupon for time sensitive savings. There are also Shopping rebate sites like Ebates that give you cash back on purchases.

10-Free-Credit-Card-Benefits-You-Might-Not-Know-AboutShow those credit card companies who's boss.

  • Many people also forget about credit card perks. Find out about the perks of your credit cards. Buy the things you would normally buy and then pay it off at the end of the month and reap the rewards without the interest. Some rewards include travel miles, cash back, theme park tickets, rewards points and more.

Winter hats and apparelThis might be a funny scene from a classic movie but staying warm is no laughing matter.



The Perfect Winter Jacket

For most guys, finding a winter jacket is easy. You simply see it, buy it, and wear it. For women it is a little more complicated. There are several steps you should take in order to find that perfect winter jacket or coat.

Consider the weather

-Too much jacket and too little can affect your enjoyment.

-Geographical area is an important factor is choosing the right piece of winter apparel.

Good Fit

-Do not treat the sizing chart as Gospel. Every woman is different and wants their clothing to fit a certain way. Trying on winter clothing is the only way to ensure this. This applies to women's hats, shoes, and other apparel types.

-Also be sure to check the washing requirements to be sure the sizing will not change.

Flattering Style

-Probably the most important factor. The way you look and more importantly feel, is your best indication of the right coat for you.


Evaluating Body Types

-Every woman is unique and has a different body type. There are several body type styles including Apple, Pear, Strawberry, Hourglass, and Rectangle. Check the graphic above to find your body type.

-Knowing your body type can make shopping exponentially easier, so you can find exactly what you are looking for and it fits just right.

assorted_colorsThat's only about 30% of the colors that are actually out there.


-This is the last factor to consider and is the most subjective.

-Believe it or not there are hundreds of colors out there, many are the slightest variance. Especially when shopping online, be sure it is the color you are looking for. Ivory, off-white, white, white cream, snow white, can be very different colors if you are not careful when shopping.

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