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Winter Fashion Hat Guide 2016

Hat Fashion Blog Sometimes fashion can be a bit of a conformist, telling us that there is but one particular way we should look. Otherwise we risk the dreaded criticism of being “uncool”. And yet, following the greater crowd, while often the safest and most comfortable option, deprives us of so much of life’s “spice”. It often requires a bit of gusto and boldness to reinvigorate an old classic or even to sport a completely new style and make it all your own. In honor of this brave individualistic spirit, we are going to be taking a look at some styles that are being brought back to popularity by a small handful of trendsetters this winter. While some may seem quite retro, we here at believe that these classics will never die! Check out our wide selection.


Fedora Hats Blog Woman Fedora Hats Blog The fedora has taken a lot of criticism in the last couple of years. However, we have always had a soft spot in our hearts for this classic piece of gentlemanly Americana. With the rise of “casual culture” people have lost appreciation for garments and accessories as classy and refined as the winter fedora, but we know better. Check out the multi fedora striped patterns for a bit of pizzazz, or go with a stately solid color for that urbanity often absent from modern life.


Cloche Hats Blog Cloche with Big Sequin Bow - Purple  Cloche Wool Felt Grograin Ribbon Hat - Dark Red  Women's Slanted Brim Cloche Hat - Black The beginning of the year is a special time for so many reasons. Whether it is the religious ceremonies associated with Lent (and Mardi Gras, of course), early weddings, or even just a reinvention of one’s self for the future. Whatever it is, the cloche fits a niche for lady-like formal wear during the frosty months of winter. These bell shaped hats are often evocative of the prohibition era speakeasies and all the flair of that long ago “gilded” age.

Wool Newsboy / Ivy Hats

Wool / Ivy Caps Fashion Blog Flower Short Brim Newsboy Hat - Grey Lady's Wool Blend Tweed Newsboy Cap - Black White Men's Wool Blend Patchwork Ivy Cap - Brown Black Wool Blend Ivy Cap Men's Hat - Camel Speaking of the roaring twenties, there is no better way to keep the classic ivy cap formal look of the era alive this winter than with a brand new ivy hat fresh off the presses. While these hats are often tied to young, male, streetwise individuals, there is no reason why people of all types can’t enjoy this awesome headpiece. Read all about it over in our Newsboy hat section and pick up a copy today!

Wool Panama Hats

Wool Felt Band Panama Hat - Grey Suede Panama PU Buckle Band Hat - Black Wool Felt Panama Chain Band Hat - Blue Feather Band Wool Panama Hat - Black While it may be somewhat emblematic of warm Caribbean climates and Mai Tais by the beach, the cool international look of the Panama Hats can now be enjoyed all winter long. Wool may seem a bit of a strange fit for a hat traditionally associated with tropical jungles, but it makes a bold fashion statement that keeps you toasty and comfortable as well all through the frigid weeks. These are also known as Fedora Hats.
New Year New Look! Getting a fresh start to the New Year means different thing to different people. A change of habits, location, or wardrobe may all add to the feeling of starting over, of new beginnings and personal growth or development. However you decide to get cracking on this brand new year, we here at the internet’s premier hat dealership want to wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors. You rock!
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