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Winter Gears 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The kids are out of school, fresh snow is on the ground, and everywhere lights are popping up in suburban landscapes. If you are one of the lucky ones to have some free time to spend with friends and family this holiday season, you’ll want to be sure and make the most of it. The winter is a fantastic time to stop and smell the (figurative) roses. If you’ve got the means to step out into the world during the cold season, you’ll want to give some thought to preparation. That means winter trip gear! One of the most important items to see to before you set out on a winter sojourn is, of course, thick and padded clothing and accessories. We here at have been doing a bit of bundling up ourselves, amassing a grand collection of winter gears just in time for all of you to set out in search of frosty adventure!

Winter Gears

Our Selected Winter Gears


Despite the name, our hat store features a lot more than just head coverings! We’ve got a wide and wonderful selection of accessories to boot, and a proper winter trip needs each one of them. A good quality scarf is an all-important part of the intrepid explorer’s accouterment. We’ve got a plethora of high quality knitted scarves to ensure that, wherever it is you are going, when you get there you can bundle up your vulnerable neck area against that crafty old Jack Frost with our winter gears.

Ear Muffs

Speaking of vulnerable areas, the ears are among the most sensitive to a rapid drop in temperature. Your ears are all alone out there, sticking out into the too-crisp air, just waiting to be covered up by one of our thoughtfully made, stylish pairs of earmuffs. Head on over and get those ears what they deserve before they succumb to the bitter winter weather! After all, you want to be warm and toasty throughout your winter trip this year!


The beanie (Or toque, as our neighbors to the north are fond of calling it) is the quintessential piece of gear for your winter trip. Worn by adventurers all over the globe as they take on the elements, our beanies come in a range as varied and unique as the falling snowflakes themselves! It may take you a while to peruse the many different styles, shapes, materials, and designs of beanies we have in store, but it is an endeavor well worth your time. Just search out the winter gears meant for you, give it a few clicks, and have it sent directly to your door, just in time for a winter voyage!

Wherever you decide to go this winter, preparation is a huge part of the enjoyment. You definitely don’t want to get where you are going only to realize you forgot to pack warm enough clothes! So head on over to our online shop and do it right! Oh, and Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all our friends out there!

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