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Winter SALE 2019

The New Year has arrived, and even though that New Year’s Eve party might have been hot, lit, on fire (and any other warm slang the kids are using these days), the temperature outside is, in fact, still quite nippy. We’ve turned a corner with the year of the pig, but winter’s lease has not yet expired. With the chill in the air and a shiver in our bones, we’d like to take this opportunity to start the year off right. One of our biggest discounts of the year is here for our Winter SALE! From the 12th to the 18th of January, you can get 20% off of your cart when you shop with your friends here at You heard that right, folks! No coupon code to enter, just fill up your shopping cart and checkout during the dates listed to save nearly a third on awesome hats and accessories! Now let’s take a look at what’s in store, shall we?

winter sale

Winter Sale 20% OFF!

Awesome Winter Beanies

Of course, the humble beanie tops the list of awesome gear to pick up during our Winter Sale. Warm, durable, and great for a whole variety of outdoor situations, the beanie is as customizable as you want it to be. Just head on over and check out our wide selection and shave 20% off on anything your heart desires.

Formal Hats for Men

The early part of the year is going to be chocked full of formal events. Whether it is a Valentine’s Day date, a job interview, or a Christening, there are going to be plenty of great opportunities for guys to strut their hats. During our Winter Sale, you can score the height of fashion for a fraction of what you’d otherwise pay! So be a happy chappy and check out during our Winter Sale!

Ear Muffs

The sensitive ears don’t get enough respect. Easily frozen, these appendages need love and protection—in the form of earmuffs! Check out all the accessories we are sporting during our Winter Sale and save big, while keeping your ears warm.

Camo and Hunting Gear

Those of you outdoorsmen and women who are looking to score some gear for the wilderness need look no further. During our Winter Sale, you can save 20% on all your camo gear! While we can’t guarantee your hunt will be successful, you’ll definitely enjoy it more if you take the time to bundle up against the elements and protect yourself from the cold.

However you decide to fancy yourself up for the tail end of this blustery winter season, be sure to do it in your own personal style. After all, winter doesn’t have to be all gray skies and doldrums. Spice it up a bit with some awesome new gear. Now, during our Winter Sale, you can grab anything you can dream up, and lop off a whopping 20% of the cost. Now that is something to get excited about!

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