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Wool Hats Introduced for Fall Wear

Wool Hats Now that you’ve had your fill of turkey and dressing, it is time for us to announce our huge Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! That’s right friends of, our big bonanza launches today, with more awesome discounts and deals than you can shake a leftover drumstick at. So head on over to the shop and get your Christmas shopping done early. We’ve got caps, cloches, berets, beanies – if it goes on your noggin, chances are we’ve got it stocked at a low price! While we were thinking up a good topic for this week’s blog post, the weather suddenly turned much colder. That’s when we decided to put together an awesome line of toasty wool hats just in time for the rapidly falling temperatures. Our Wool Hats are made from 100% pure, natural material shorn from the happiest sheep on the planet. Grab a cup of warm cocoa and check out what we’ve got for you below. Happy shopping!

Wool Hats and Fedoras

Wool Hats Wool HatsWool HatsWool Hats When it comes to winter fashion, there is no reason to limit ourselves to beanies. Wool hats come in all shapes and sizes, and we’ve got just the thing for guys who want to keep their sense of style all year round. These heavy wool fedoras and panama hats will have you looking urbane all through the blustery season of snow and frost.  

Wool Beanies

Wool Hats Wool HatsWool HatsWool Hats When it comes to keeping as warm as is humanely possible, a thick wool beanie really has few substitutes. These snug fitting, super insulating wool hats are insanely comfortable. There is scientific backing for the old wisdom about humans loosing most of their body heat through the top of their heads, so check out our wide selection of colors and styles and keep that noggin toasty all throughout the coming winter months.  

Lady’s Dressy Wool Hats

Wool Hats   Wool HatsWool HatsWool Hats The winter is full of occasions for fancy dress – Christmas, birthdays, New Year’s Eve, etc. We really do pack a lot of punch into this last handful of weeks. Now, with a little help from the most posh hat store on the internet, you can be ready for anything formal that pops up during the chill winter months. Check out our incredible line of wool hats made especially for women and girls searching for a bit of warmth and class, and make that winter outing a special and fashionable one.  

Wool Bowler and Derby Hats

Wool Hats Wool HatsWool HatsWool Hats Finally, we have some wool hats that owe their classic, masculine style to historical trends that we now see remerging in the world of high fashion. These wool hats have rounded crowns and a traditionalist look. They are perfect for that winter carriage ride through central park, a wedding before Christmas, and any other formal event where you need to look your best and stay comfortable doing so.
Wool Hats Thanksgiving is already on its way out the door and people are starting to unpack the Christmas decorations. Now is a great time to check out our wide selection and indulge yourself in the low prices brought on by our tremendous Black Friday/ Cyber Monday sale going on today! Happy holidays to all our customers old and new!
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