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Your New Favorite Hat: The Top Hat

If you are always on the hunt for your new favorite hat, we are happy to tell you that the search may be over. There are a lot of very important factors that go into a "favorite hat," the material, the size, or the style. But there is also an intangible factor, and that is how the hat makes you feel. Some hats just make you feel like they belong atop your head. You wear them everywhere and you never take them off. There are times in a man’s life where they need to get a little dressed up. Most men scoff at the errant affair of getting dressed up but have grown accustomed to doing so for their loved ones, particularly, their wives and mothers. What if I told you that you might actually like getting dressed! The outfit can really make a man and no outfit is complete without a great top hat. You are going to love the way you look and enjoy the feeling of being dressed up. Nothing fits the bill better than a felt hat. These dressy hats are the perfect accessory for both formal and casual occasions. What and a hat is made of is one of the most important factors in determining what top hat is right for you. These felt hats feature a crushed top as well as a down-turned brim. They are made of durable, smooth, high quality material, that will make your top hat last well beyond its years. The hard stiff material of these hats ensures that it will always maintain its shape. If you are hesitant about giving one of these classy pieces of head wear a try, take one out for a test drive. A felt hat offers a classic and stylish look that will be catching eyes and turning heads in no time. These hats might be on their way to becoming your new favorite hat. bowler 1  top hat gambler 1  _1239009953_11 When many people think about hat styles for men they think of a baseball cap and nothing more. There are more hat types out there if you only expand your idea of fashion. There are so many different styles of felt hats out there including upturned brim hats, rabbit fur, Indiana Jones, cowboy hats, fedoras, Aussie hats and many more. If you are looking for a more casual style then you want to look into a bowler, derby, or top hats. These hats are also interchangeable and can be worn in conjunction with both casual and formal attires. Men usually aren’t too open when it comes to love, but you might just fall in love with a great looking elegant felt hat. These hats are not as stiff, uncomfortable, and formal than you might think. Your fall and winter wardrobe is not complete without a fantastic felt hat. Men are turning into gentleman again, and the once popular hat style is making its triumphant return to the hat world. Whether you wear your hat for a dressy event or a more casual affair, we are confident that this will become your new favorite hat or at the very least top 3. Stay classy internet! about_us_img1_1
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