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Wide Brim Garden Visors for Sunny Afternoon

Gardening is a great hobby but you need to stay protected if you don’t want the harmful rays of the sun to damage your skin particularly your facial skin. So, stop wearing that bandana and replace it with a Gardening Visor instead.
Wide Brim Garden Visors for Sunny Afternoon

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February 21 - February 25

More About Gardening, Wide Brim Visor

Outdoor activities–such as hiking, gardening, or simply lounging–include exposure to the sun and, often, to high heat. Wide Gardening Visors are the perfect accessory for anyone in want of a fashionable yet functional head covering. With a large, wide brim, visors grant shade from the sun to the wearer, keeping their face and head cool. Attached to the brim are straps which go around the user’s head, making for a comfortable but stable fit. Wide visors may also include fabric going down the back of the visor and even around the top of the head, adding further protection from the sun and keeping the wearer even more cool. Wide Brim Visors come in a variety of shapes, colors, and designs–some in floral print, animal, print, or striped; some adorned with ribbon; some with a wider brim than others. Whatever the design, these visors are fashionable and functional, appropriate for hot, sunny days spent outside.

If you love gardening, then these Gardening Visors are for you. They have wide brims so they provide complete UV protection while keeping your entire head and face cool and comfortable even if you are working in your garden under the summer heat. Featuring wide brims, this particular visor provides optimal UV protection so you can keep yourself cool even if you are working under the heat of the afternoon sun. There are many designs for Gardening Visors but if it is extra protection and full coverage you need, you can choose the Flap Cap Custom Visors that feature a flap that can cover your entire neck area.

You can also look fashionable while gardening by choosing visors made from straw. Tweed Visors feature a bow back that adds drama and appeal to the hat. Since it is made from straw, air can circulate around your head so you feel cool despite of the sun’s heat. The best thing about these hats is that they are not only limited to gardening. For instance, you can take this Patterned Strap Visor in one of your travel adventures to protect yourself from the elements of weather.