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Wrap, Roll Up Visors

Shield your entire face from the sun with Roll Up Visors. As the name implies, you can roll them up with ease so that you can safely tuck them inside your tote. This visor is preferred by many ladies because they are practical and less bulky.
Wrap, Roll Up Visors

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More About Wrap, Roll Up Visor

Stay protected in the heat with Wrap and Roll Up Visors. These visors feature a large, loose-feeling brim, granting ample shade from the sun. Made of cotton, straw, polyester, or other airy materials and fabrics, these visors are especially light, making them all the more favorable on hot, sunny days. These visors also come in many different styles, colors, and shapes, adding personality and a pop of color to any outfit. Looking for the perfect visor to bring on travel? Wrap and Roll Up Visors are light and small in size, and are therefore easy to pack and bring with a traveler in their bag or carry-on. They can be brought to wear to the beach, sporting event, or any other outdoor activity.

Visors have recently become more popular in modern fashion trends. Although often associated with sports, visors can be worn in regular daywear, adding an element of style while also functioning to protect the wearer’s head in the heat. Wrap, Roll Up Visors are very practical. Not only do they shield your face from the harmful rays of the sun but they can also be rolled up to fit in your bag. You can wear them in the beach or even when you are out strolling in the park. At, we have a wide variety of Roll Up Visors that will fit your style and needs.

Roll Up Visors are made from soft materials that can be manipulated such as foam, cotton, nylon and straw. Ladies can opt for the classic Wide Brim Visors available in either in black or tweed black. It looks very sophisticated with its sloping brim that adds a dramatic effect to the entire look. Men can also look very classy by wearing Zippered Roll Up Visor. Made from 100% cotton, it is soft and breathable thus it is very comfortable to wear all throughout the day.

Now if you are a hardcore outdoor enthusiast and you spend most of your time working outdoors, give yourself added protection with a Embroidered Visors with flap. It offers UV 50+ protection so you are protected even if you stay outdoors for an hour.