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Everything You Need to Know About St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick was a missionary who helped convert the Irish to Christianity in the fifth century AD. In the time since his death, the legends and traditions associated with the man have grown large and all-encompassing, such that the date of his death is now considered a celebration of Irish culture and heritage the world over. Whether you are part of the great Irish diaspora or not doesn’t matter one fig, everyone loves a green beer and a bit of carousing on March 17th. After all, it is the one day during Lent when the Catholic Church lifts its ban on such things. So raise a glass, propose a toast to a long gone Anglo-Roman priest whose mythos and allegory have stood the tests of time, and check out a novelty St. Paddy’s day hat from

Irish Hats

St Patrick's Hat - Top Green Green Velvet Top Hat - Beard Shamrock Tall Hat - Green Velvet Irish Tall with Flashing Light Tube - Green It is well known that every lad and lassie in the world is at least part Irish come March 17th. It really doesn’t matter where you hail from – anyone can take part in this grand celebration of all things associated with the Emerald Isle. What a better way to prepare than with something green and Celtic from We have all the colors of the rainbow to suit any taste when it comes time for the parades. Whether you want to go all out with a green beard and green, buckled leprechaun hat, or prefer a tasteful nod towards your heritage with a beanie that reads simply “Irish”, we’ve got something that will make your day memorable (no guarantees after that third drink!).

Custom Embroidered Hats and Beanies

Designed Caps 3D Clover Embroidered Two Tone Snapback Cap - Navy Red St Patrick's Day Crest Embroidered Washed Cap - Dk Green Irish Clover Embroidered Big Size Long Beanie - Kelly We love to do a bit of embroidering here at, and each and every holiday inspires us to come up with new designs that properly celebrate the special season. Why should St. Paddy’s be any different? Check out a shamrock embroidered baseball cap or even crests from ancient Hibernian houses. Whatever flavor you are looking to show off this March, you can bet we’ve got it in green. Which leads us to our next selection.

Green Colored Hats and Accessories

Disel Beanie Visor-Bright Green Women's 2 Tone Wool Poly Blend Newsboy Cap - Green Olive Saint Patrick's Glitter Cowboy Hat - Green Saint Patrick's Four Leaf Clover Embroidered Bucket Hat - Apple Green All of us have been there. Perhaps you didn’t have a thing both green and laundered to wear that spring day to school. You made it until recess before the onslaught— the tsunami of friendly pinches left you laughing and somewhat in pain. While a bit of a pinch is part of the fun, no one enjoys being on the receiving end of this holiday tradition. To help you out, we’ve got a special collection of anything and everything you could possibly want in the color green. Check it out, and be no one’s pincushion this March!
Hats for Lucky You St. Patrick’s Day, despite its reputation for hard drinking and debauchery, is really a time when we should all take a moment and consider our heritage. Whether you are Irish, Malaysian, Peruvian or South African: it is important to take the time to consider the places we all come from, and of course, where we are going next! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all! Shop here!
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