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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale 30% OFF

It is during this time of year when our society gives thanks for many things. And while friends, family, health and happiness are among the most important, we as a people also reserve this time to give thanks for massive, unprecedented savings as well! For those of us able to wake up from our turkey induced comas, Black Friday represents an amazing opportunity for retail savings. Its cousin, Cyber Monday, comes not far behind, representing a great time to save big on all those e-items you’ve had your eye on throughout the year.

We here at pride ourselves on being an affordable place to shop all year round, but this year we are holding a Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale of our own. Between the dates of 11-27 through 12/2, you can save a whopping 30% off of your entire cart. That’s right folks! 30% off of all items in your cart. Have we lost our minds? No, it’s just that time of year! So let’s jump in and get a bit more specific about these awesome offerings, shall we?

Black Friday

Cold Weather Hats

How is the weather in your neck of the woods these days? No doubt it will be turning cold in a little while (if it isn’t already), and it will be high time for you to have a ready supply of warm, insulating hats and accessories. Why wait until the last minute and pay full price? Instead, get ready now during our amazing Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale! Your wardrobe will be stuffed full of cozy options by the time the Jack Frost truly arrives.

Black Friday Gift Ideas

What better time to pick up gifts than this pre-Christmas savings extravaganza? We’ve got all sorts of thoughtful items to help you spread holiday cheer, now steeply discounted! So give our selection a peruse-and get your stockings stuffed for 30% less this year!

Formal Hats

This winter is sure to be packed to the brim with opportunities for fancy dress. Weddings, galas, art shows–whatever awesome stuff you have going on in your life, make sure your hat is top notch! Fedoras, organza, flat caps and more, all in our awesome store.

Hats for Kids

Let’s not leave those little cherubs out of the Black Friday action. We’ve got a menagerie of exciting and stylish hats and accessories, all in kid’s sizes. So grab something for the little ones while supplies last. They’ll be glad you did!

How are you getting ready for the holiday season? We can’t wait to take some much needed rest. Sitting with the family, a roaring fire in the fireplace, sipping cider and talking of old times. Ah, now that sounds like just the thing! We hope you are looking forward to these days of respite as much as we are. But before you settle in, make sure to check out our huge Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale and save big!

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