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Veteran’s Day Sale 20% OFF

Now that Halloween is over, we here at the offices of turn our attention to a slightly more somber holiday. That’s right folks, it is that time of year when we honor the men and women who have served our country in a martial capacity. November 11th 2019 marks the passing of another Veteran’s Day, and to pay homage to this important calendar date, we are offering big discounts for soldiers and non-soldiers alike. Between 11/1 and 11/8, you can save 20% off of your entire cart when you shop with us during our Veteran’s Day sale.

This is a great opportunity to scoop up something nice to show the veteran in your life that they remain in your thoughts during this day honoring them. If you are looking for some thoughtful gift ideas, we have a wide selection of hats for all branches of the military, past and present. Let’s stand at attention and run some recon on our wide selection, shall we?

Veteran’s Day Sale

Theater of War Hats

As we’ve mentioned before on Veteran’s Days passed, sometimes a piece of clothing that broadcasts the particular theater in which a person was involved can be a very powerful way of finding other, similar stories. A Gulf War veteran, for instance, might pass by another at the hardware store everyday without knowing it. With these special hats, new friendships and camaraderies can be formed by those who have shared a traumatic or harrowing experience.

Military Branch Hats

There is plenty of healthy competition between the many branches of our armed forces. Now you can rep the branch which means the most to you, with a nice new hat or accessory, picked up during our awesome Veteran’s Day Sale.

Custom Embroidered Hats for Veteran’s Day

There are so many cool symbols, icons, emblems and imagery associated with this somber holiday, it is impossible for us to carry stock for all of them. Fortunately, custom embroidery is a thing! If you have a special Veteran’s Day symbol you’d like to see stitched, just give us a heads-up. And don’t forget about custom patches either. An air force patch can really spruce up that old gym bag!

Flag Hats

Soldiers and flags go hand in hand. After all, one’s country of origin is a great source of pride, veteran or not! For these reasons, we have a huge assortment of flag hats available during our Veteran’s Day Sale. Check them out and rep the homeland in fine style!

Historical Veteran’s Hats

During the holiday, it is important not to forget all of the veterans who have come and gone in days long passed. If you want to check out some really retro styles, we have soldier hats from many a by-gone epoch. Check them out today!

Whether or not you decide to pick up something during our big sale, make sure to give this important holiday the credence and respect it deserves. Thank a soldier for their service! And may you enjoy many a happy Veteran’s day in years to come.

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