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Halloween Sale 30% OFF

It just so happens that the spookiest time of the year is also one of our busiest here at the offices of With lads and lassies across the land engaged in a nationwide costume preparation, the opportunities for novel, scary, and downright ridiculous hats and accessories are nearly endless. Just as there are a million and one ways to carve a pumpkin, so too are the possible costume creations limited only by the boundless imagination of trick or treat-ers across the country-- and we are here to help you stir that witch’s brew of an outfit you are concocting!

During the week leading up to All Hallow’s eve (October 10-26) we are offering one of our most outstanding discounts of the year, just in time for the monster mash! During those dates, our big Halloween Sale kicks off, and you can kiss goodbye to tremendous 30% off of the price of your cart! So break out that candy corn, make sure your kids are planning any mischief, and get ready for one of the best holidays of the year!

Halloween Hats

Custom Embroidered Halloween Hats

There are a million and one weird and wacky styles to choose from come Halloween, but what’s even better is the ability to fully customize to your heart’s content. Just let us know what symbol, motto, image, or icon you are vibing on this All Hallows, and we will make your creation come alive. Just call us the Dr. Frankenstein of hats and accessories!

Witch and Wizard Hats

While the popularity of smash-hits like Harry Potter and Game of Thrones have been dying down, the love of magic, wizards, and witches is something that lasts far beyond the popular media depicting them. So, if you’ve got a child hoping to round out his or her magical and mythic Halloween costume, look no further than our huge sale! It doesn’t take a “wiz” to appreciate savings like these.

Detective Hats

Reckon yourself to be a bit of a sleuth? Why, our hats are elementary! You don’t have to be a wold-class detective to know that 30% off is a fantastic deal. So snoop around our page a bit and unravel the case of what to wear this Halloween.


Fancy a fake mustache to tie your look together? Or how about a princess tiara to complete the royal boudoir? What about a kooky set of pumpkin suspenders to hold up the bottom half of that gorilla suit? Whatever crazy idea you’ve cooked up, chances are we’ve got just the thing to tie your costume together this year—30% off during the Halloween Sale.

However you and yours are planning to rock out this Halloween, taking a bit of time to give your costume some thought is never time wasted. If you need some creative help, just give our wide selection a peruse. You’ll wish Halloween came more than once this year!

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