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Halloween Sale! 2018

The big night is nearly upon us, and all the ghouls and zombies are preparing for their big, annual monster mash. That’s right, the spookiest day of the year is right around the corner. So carve a pumpkin and get ready for Halloween night! We know you are ready, right? You have your costume completely prepared, along with all the accessories ready to go? If not, there is no need to sweat. There is still time to get some discounted items shipped to your door, just in time for the holiday. And to make it particularly easy for you this year, we are proud to announce our annual Halloween Sale is gearing up! Between the dates of 10/22 and 10/29, we are knocking off a massive 30% from your cart. No need to type in any codes, just simply fill up your shopping bags and be prepared for huge savings at checkout. For those of you who are still pondering your costume ideas, now is your chance to save big and make it happen with decisive action. Let’s see what kind of weird and wonderful costume ideas we have in our bag of tricks, shall we?

Halloween Sale

Halloween Sale is Here!

Halloween Accessories

Don’t let the name fool you, we have a lot more than just hats here at our warehouse. Now you can get in on the Halloween Sale with a wide assortment of accessories to top off whatever cool costume idea you may have in mind. From disguising yourself with a mustache to pull off that Mario or desperado look, to wacky masks, fake teeth, oh my! The possibilities are endless, and a browse through our large selection of accessories may spawn all sorts of costume ideas!

Custom Embroidered Halloween Hats

Sometimes you may not want to go all out on a costume, but still wish to display a bit of the old festive spirit. We understand this and have prepared for just such a mindset with our custom embroidered hats this Halloween sale. Now you can get a little flair of Halloween in your otherwise normal clothes, and give a nod to the holiday rather than a full-on hug.

Pumpkin Beanies

The weather has certainly gotten a lot colder these past few weeks, and it may be that your Halloween night is a frosty one. If you think this may be the case, and yet you still want to take those little ones out for a memorable trick or treat experience, we have just the thing to keep that noggin warm while you rake in the candy corn. Check out our awesome pumpkin beanies, and stay toasty while you make the rounds this year!

However you decide to celebrate Halloween – whether it includes dress up, partying, trick or treat, or even just some late night mischief – you’ll want to pay homage to this ancient holiday with a little attention to your outfit. After all, Halloween is but once a year. So enjoy it, with Halloween Sale!

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