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Themed Costume for Halloween

Halloween, with all its Jack-o-lanterns and late night toilet paper rolls, is nearly here. It is never too early to buy unnecessarily large bags of candy, dress up your house with fake spider web, and of course, prepare your themed costume for the big night. So, do you have any great Halloween costume ideas lined up yet? If not, we have some themes that might just put the trick in your treat this month. Let’s check out some of the wild, weird, and spooky stuff we have in store for you, shall we? Just make sure you don’t overdo it on the candy corn this year.

Themed Costume

Our Selected Themed Costume

Biker Gang Theme

The rough and tumble lives of American biker gangs inspire us all to be a little more “born to ride.” When it comes to this year’s Hell’s Angels costume, the gang here at has everything you need. Check out our mask selection, you will find what you want!

Royalty Theme

Good morrow, your majesty! Looking to put a bit of blue blood into your themed costume this year? Well look no further squire, as we have the noblest hats in all the land. Before long, you’ll be issuing royal degrees from atop your throne. We are not responsible for your spouse’s reaction. It may be a trial by combat before the next moon!

Egyptian Theme

We don’t think Egyptian themed costumes have really ever gone completely out of style. There is just something so mysterious and cool about the culture that gave us pyramids, mummies, and Cleopatra. Why not celebrate with a cool Egyptian themed hat to tie together your King Tut costume this year. After a browse through our wide catalog, you may find you have your costume ‘all wrapped up’

Hawaiian or Beach Theme

Hawaiian style is something to really be admired. With a hang-loose attitude and a tropical island feel, these hats rely heavily on straw and beautiful flowers to pull off the look. All you need now is a grass skirt and a flower necklace and you will be dancing the hula in no time. You’ll have to roast your own pig though!

Crazy Creature Theme

Animals give us all sorts of inspiration when it comes to picking out a nice themed costume for the Halloween season. Particularly if you have little ones, it may be time to grab some animalistic headwear from your friendly zookeepers here at and go a bit wild with your dress up this year. We’ve got lions and tigers and bears all kind of aniamls hats, oh my. Not to mention a wide menagerie of lesser-known weird and wonderful creatures for you to emulate. It’s a jungle out there!

However you decide to dress up this year, make sure you concentrate on picking out an attractive and stylish theme for your costume. We can help you make it memorable. So before you stock up on mini candy bars and start spiking the punch with dry ice, head on over and give our selection a serious browse!

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