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Labor Day Sale! 25% OFF!

The men and women who built this country have a special day in early September, a time we set aside to pay respect to the blood and toil that went into making our country what it is today. That’s right, the first Monday of September is Labor Day. And that means a lot more than just a three day weekend (although that is certainly one of the perks). It also marks a turning point between summer and fall, with school officially in session and football season coming back at last. There are also fashion questions to be considered. Just when can you wear white? Silly questions aside, we are launching a special discount to get you decked out for the holiday and beyond. That’s right, our Labor Day Sale is here! From 8/25 to 8/31 we are shaving 25% off of all prices, also we have Patriot Day Sale start from 9/1 to 9/7. No need to enter a coupon code, just check out and embrace the savings! Now, as summer turns into fall and the air around us starts to cool down, let’s check out what we have in store for our Labor Day Sale, shall we?

Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale!


The sun is still shining hot up above, and for all of you planning on getting out there for some Labor Day fun – at the lake, the pool, the neighborhood barbeque – a bit of protection is certainly warranted. Now you can look cool and keep that little bit of shade you need to fully enjoy the three day weekend. Check out our wide selection visor, now on discount for our Labor Day Sale!

Western Style Hats

The cowboy lifestyle is all about the hard work and labor that won the West. Now you can celebrate that tough-as-nails culture with an icon every bit as rugged as the men and women who originated it. During our Labor Day Sale, we have a whole slew of country and western hats for you to choose from cowpoke!

White Hats

Dash the old, stuffy conventions: wear white after Labor Day if you darn well please! We here at are going through a rebellious period, and thus during our Labor Day Sale, we are offering 25% off white hats so you can stick it to those fashion curmudgeons once and for all. You do you!

Football Hats

Labor Day means we are ready to start another season of all-American, bone-crunching football. For sports fans out there this is the perfect time to show your love of the game with a embroidered baseball cap from our custom embroidering services. Keep your sun out of the eyes while you enjoy the next battle of the gridiron, and save a bit while doing so during our Labor Day Sale!

Labor Day is a period of rest, but it honors a whole lot of hard work that went into giving us the lives we have today. So make sure to give thanks for the sweat of past generations, and enjoy your day off browsing our huge Labor Day Sale!

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