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Strawsome Summer Straw Hats

It is finally time for the sun to show its smiling face again. cowboy 1While much of the East coast is still living under the white cloud of one of the harshest winters we have ever seen, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The summer is approaching and the sun’s smiling face will show itself once again. Being in California, we do not necessarily experience seasons. Every day it is usually 60-70 degrees and even if it rains, you just have to wait a couple minutes and it will probably stop. Regardless of where you live, many people still wait all year for the summertime.  The temperature heats up and people love spending time outdoors. It is finally time to grab that beach towel that has been gathering dust, lather up the sunscreen, and head to the beach. Your summertime arsenal including these items is so important. What a better addition to your summertime arsenal than strawsome straw hats? cute_summer_desktop_backgrounds cowboy 3The summer will be here before you know it. The warm, inviting summer sun can be great, but you need to protect your skin. There are so many killer summer hats in this world, and finding the right one is paramount to providing yourself complete UV protection. A killer straw hat can keep you enjoying the incredible weather while at the same time keeping your skin healthy and cancer free. If you carry a preconceived notion that a straw hat is a gaudy, uncomfortable hat, you need to take a second look. Two of the most important factors to consider when buying a hat are sun protection, and the breathable nature and comfort of the hat. Whether you try out a straw cowboy hat, a straw visor or any other straw hat, you are not going to believe how comfortable straw hats can actually be. Straw is one of the lightest yet durable materials available and has been used for decades to provide complete sun protection.   visor 4You will be surprised at how many straw hats are available. There are so many fantastic summer hat styles to choose from this season including wide brim, sombreros, gambler, bucket and many other summer straw hat styles. For all the women looking for a fashionable head turning, eye catching straw hat we have Toyo braid, sun block visors, raffia, and cowboy hats. Any one of these hats would help you experience the summer the way it was intended. Enjoy the outdoors, without worrying about sun protection. These strawsome straw hats make you look good, keep you feeling good, and are unbelievably easy on the old wallet. Look cool while keeping your head cool. So on your next incredible outdoor adventure whether you are traversing the rainforest, or maybe just watering your lawn do not forget your hat.    

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