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The Birth of a Hat: Visor

The visor has been a major part of summer fashion for decades. Final_Logo_01-22-07Origins: The visor is one of the most recognizable hat types in the world. I am sure that most people have either worn or seen one of these versatile pieces of head wear. These hats have protected the heads and faces of people all over the world for decades. We have all seen these before but the question remains, what is a visor? The visor by definition is a crown less hat consisting of a visor or a brim that has a strap long the back that wraps around your head. The visor portion is sometimes curved or flat and the back is sometimes adjustable. The strap acts like a sweatband and a visor provides fantastic eye protection from the sunlight. The visor is more than just a boring, style-less piece of head wear. The visor has gone through a rise and fall in the fashion ranks throughout its history. The visor was invented by William Bower in London primarily for horseback riding and other active sports like golf. Visors have been made of a plethora of different materials like poly foam, heavy twill, brushed cotton, cotton twill, polyester, mesh, terry cloth and so many more delicate yet durable materials. The visor since its inception has been the go to piece of head wear for a variety of athletes and outdoor activities. The hat saw a rise in popularity in the 1980’s and was used as a vehicle for many advertising and promotional campaigns. visor 1visor 2visor 4visor 8 Styles: Choosing the right visor can sometimes be a difficult task. There are several aspects to keep in mind when looking for the perfect visor. The most important of these aspects is the individual’s personal style. The color you choose or the visor’s backing strap type can be a deal maker or deal breaker for a potential visor wearer. The intended use of the visor also factors into your choice. The material and style has to be just right for the right activity. You will find a visor available in shorter and longer brim styles as well as in a variety of heights and thicknesses of the crown. A visor today is available in so many great styles like brushed sports, cotton sports, mesh, bow back, adjustable, braided straw, and clip-on and more. If you love playing tennis and can’t get enough of the sun then a tennis visor will quickly become your new best friend. Visors have been around for decades now, and while the styles and colors may have changed, what has stayed true is the fabulous sun protection that they provide. Antique_Clock_FaceThe Future... The visor has been and will continue to be a popular accessory. Especially if you are looking to print or embroider a sports team or any other logo onto. They are great for promotional campaigns and are simple and versatile hats that offer both impeccable style and superior sun protection, for your head and the rest of your face. Starting from the day of the visor's inception  all the way to today, the benefits of a visor have not changed only the style. It is becoming common knowledge nowadays that we must keep ourselves protected from the sun’s harmful rays. The sun’s rays have been known to have a negative impact on your skin as well as your vision. The UV rays from the sun can be a damaging force and have been known to cause certain cancers. Protection from these UV rays is important for both young and old. A visor works great in protecting not only your head but your eyes, nose, cheeks and the rest of your face. Some visors today are made of special material designed to give you even more SPF coverage from the sun. You will find a visor’s protection rating by looking at the specifications information. You can find a great visor selection here at Visors have been used in outdoor sports for years and years and the style has remained true since day one and will continue to be a great stylish and functional hat option for UV protection. red-heart-1362916005N5ZShow Your Hat Some Love A visor is worn usually during warm and strenuous activities and can quickly become soiled with sweat and dirt that accumulates on the hat. There are a variety of different methods available that can be used to clean the hat while also maintaining the visor’s shape. With so many options available just choose the right option for you. You can hand wash your visor simply with mild detergent, water, an old toothbrush, some stain removing pre-treatment and a small bowl. You can also use an optional hat rack to help the visor keeps its shape. Fill the bowl with water and some of the detergent. Use the toothbrush to gently spot treat the visor being sure not to soak the visor. Rinse with clean water and air dry using the hat form mold if you have one. Machine washing is another option and purchasing a hat form mold is a great option for machine washing. These molds help the hat keep its shape during the wash cycle. Make sure to use the gentle wash cycle and air-dry the hat when complete.   Here are some additional common hat care tips:
  • Every hat will develop its own personality and style with time. Small marks on the hat are all part of the hats life cycle and only add to its authenticity.
  • All hats can be treated with a waterproof spray if necessary
  • Some hats might shrink if they are exposed to high heat, or left out exposed to sunlight
  • A stiff brim allows your hat to be shape the way that you would like, but some hats feature a flexible brim that allows the hat to be crushed.
  • If you do not have a hat form place the hat on a bowl while it dries to keep its form.
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