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Summer Outdoor Hats

The world is green and lovely these summer months— verdant and full of stylish people just aching to get outdoors and enjoy some warm days and brilliant sunshine. When stepping out for a while, you might do well to give a bit of thought to your warm-weather wardrobe. A good outdoor outfit should be practical, casual, cool, and keep you feeling fresh throughout the lengthy dog days of a wet hot summer.
We here at are unrolling our cornucopia of outdoor hats, just in time for balmy days spent out in the world. Check out what we’ve got in the store while supplies last, and pick out outdoor hats to suit all your plans this summer!

Outdoor Hats

Women’s Garden Visors

One of the most pleasurable outdoor activities during a sweltering summer is coaxing fresh veggies out of the soil. Whether you are a hardcore green thumb, or get by with just a few humble tomato bushes, you’ll likely need an outdoor hat to keep away that dreaded farmer’s tan we hear so much about. Why not peruse the fertile fields of our garden visors selection and pick yourself out something protective. Our women’s garden visor selection is a great place to start.

Fedora Style Outdoor Hats

The fedora seems to be going nowhere and has firmly reentered the American cannon of classic summer wear. But does this urbane symbol of city life really translate into a practical outdoor hat? Absolutely, we’ve got a wide selection of straw fedoras, Panama hats, and rugged take on this classic of style. Check out the fedora section and snag yourself an outdoor hat perfect for your next barbecue or baseball game.

Cowboy Hats

Nothing speaks to the national spirit of adventure quite like the legends of the Old West. Though those men and women who won the west are now long gone, they’ve passed down a lot of fashion sensibilities particular to their certain time and place. If you are looking for an outdoor hat with a bit of history and legacy behind it, you’d do well to ride on down to the getting place here at and pick out a hat truly worthy of the American spirit. You may not herd cattle so often these days, but a classic cowboy hat never dies!

Floral Hats

Why not select an outdoor hat this year that reflects the beauty of the natural world around you? With a bouquet of floral hats from your best buds here at, such a thing is entirely possible. Pick your favorite color petals and give your wardrobe a whole new spring.
Summer is a great time to be alive. Between your bare feet in the grass, a slice of juicy watermelon, baseball games, and of course a tasteful selection of outdoor hats from, you absolutely can’t go wrong. Make sure you stay as cool and dry as possible and don’t let the long days and sweaty nights get in the way of living life to the fullest!
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