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Sun Hats for Outdoor Activities

That sun is getting a bit brazen these days: scorching the green fields to a dull shade of brown, drying up the ponds and cracking the mud, and of course, doing untold damage to the skin of those who don’t take ample precautions against it. Those UV rays are absolutely no joke, and you’ve got to be sure to take care of you and yours when it comes to that long day at the beach, summer barbeque, or day-long fishing trip. Thankfully, we here at have been through this ordeal a time or two, and have just the solution for you and your family: gobs of SPF 50 and, of course, sun Hats of all shape, style, color, and variety! With our awesome collection, you can look and feel cool through these dog days of summer. With protective, stylish designs, kiss sunburn and damaged skin goodbye and enjoy your time spent lounging in the outdoors! No more crocodile skin. Now let’s take a look at this week’s lineup, shall we?

Sun Hats

Our Selected Sun Hat

Fishing Hats

Fishing hats come straight out of central casting, and are the perfect sun hat for the angler in your life. Rugged, durable, and perfect for hanging a collection of lures in, this hat will serve you well at lakes and rivers across the country. We can’t make the fish bite, but we can keep you cool and protected while you (hopefully) are reeling them in.

Straw Sun Hats

Straw might be the perfect material for this time of year, and can be fashioned into an exceptional sun hat with the right technique. Our catalogue boasts a huge collection of straw hats, light and shady enough to stop the sun’s strongest rays. Like those old images of Tom Sawyer, you’ll be lounging in your own shade all summer long!

Women’s Raffia Hats

If you are looking for that tropical island feel this summer, you’ll need to look no further than the Raffia hat. Extremely lightweight and stylish, this cool little number from the Caribbean makes the perfect sun hat for blocking even the most intense UV rays.

Organza Hats

Although sun hats tend to lean towards the casual, this is by no means a hard and fast rule. What about all those outdoor weddings? Well, as usual, your friends here at have just the thing. The organza hat is flashy, but not tacky. It is cool and protective while being delicate and elegant as well. It is perfect for all sorts of formal summer events, and will keep your flower from wilting all through the intense heat of August and beyond. They also come in an amazing selection of colors and styles. Check them out today!

However you decide to spend these scorching summer months, give a little thought to your skin. Your complexion will thank you, especially as you age and your skin becomes more sensitive. As every dermatologist will tell you, you do not want repeated sunburns! So check out some hot summer fashion this week and create your own shade— with a brand new sun hat from your friends at!

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