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Summer Vacation Sale

Summer vacation still has a few weeks left, and now may be your last chance to step out into the world for a bit of fun before the doldrums of fall return us all to reality. So, where do you want to go, and (more importantly) how crazy stylish do you want to be when you get there? To help you answer such questions, we are opening our huge warehouses for an all-out Summer Vacation Sale. You’ll be right where you want to be with our outlandish savings: on a beach in a wide-brimmed floppy sun hat, riding a four-wheeler through the woods with a tasteful hemp outback hat, or maybe standing near the barbeque with a beer and a straw fedora. Whatever your temperament, we are here to help you set things alight with hot summer fashions. From 7/21 to 7/25, our Summer Vacation sale kicks off with a whopping 25% discount. No need to enter any codes, just fill up the old cart and head to checkout to receive a quarter discount! Now let’s take a look at what we’ve got on our hands, shall we?

Summer Vacation Sale Hat

Our Selected Summer Vacation Sale Hats

Panama Hats

Nothing says “I’m on vacation darn it!” than the emblematic Panama hat. While Ecuadorians actually lay claim to this tropical piece of summer vacation headwear, the Panama hat is a symbol of days spent lounging by the pool, at the seaside, or in the green green grass of a tropical golf course. Now, you can shave 25% off this classic of summer fashion while supplies last!

Women’s Cloche Hats

The cloche is another summer vacation favorite. Elegant and feminine, it says “I’m summering by the seaside, and I’ve got the perfect style for it!” A more lady-like take on the typical bucket hat, the cloche will keep you cool and protected on those long sultry days taking in the sun.

Sun Hats

Our summer vacation sale means a sparkling array of sun hats are available for cheaper than ever before, and now you can get your hands on a huge variety of sun-blocking beauties. Wide, floppy brimmed, delicate, and protective: these hats will guard your skin from summer’s harmful UV rays.

Summery Baseball Caps

Having some trouble picking a summer vacation hat? Why not keep it simple with an all-American baseball cap. We’ve got more designs, colors, and materials than you could ever dream of when it comes to this timeless summer classic. And don’t forget our custom embroidered caps send us any symbol imaginable and we will stitch it on a ball cap for you!

Our summer vacation hat sale is a great time to get your hands on some primo fashion before heading out on that big trip you’ve been planning. A quarter off your cart is nothing to shake a stick at, so be sure to grab a bundle of new threads while the getting is good. And wherever you are going, bon voyage from your friends here at!

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