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Summer Outdoor Hat

Ah the great outdoors! Brilliant blue skies with billowing clouds, flowers swaying in the breeze, the river trickling against the smooth rocks. What a great way to spend a day, a week, or an entire season. Whatever you are up to this summer, we hope you are finding the time to get outdoors and eat up all that summer has to offer. We here at have been busy by the pool, at the barbeque, and at the campground wrangling up the best outdoor hat this summer. We are ready to present you with our top picks! Just keep reading to discover headwear to fit the most rugged (or elegant) outdoorsman (or woman!)

outdoor hat

Our Selected Outdoor Hat

Fishing Hats

Fancy yourself a bit of an angler? Casting out on the lake, hoping to lure in your supper? Well, let us make sure you’ve got the right hat to “tackle” those monster bass! Our outdoor hat selection is brimming with fishing hats just perfect for a leisurely day spent out on the water, hoping to feel a tug on your line. We can’t make the fish bite, but we can keep you cool and protected while you wait. Check out what we are reeling in!

Flap Hats

Hear that buzzing in your ears? Feel that pinch in the back of your neck? It must be everyone’s favorite summer companion – the mosquito! Not only are these little buggers annoying, but they also carry nasty diseases. Therefore, it behooves you to pick an outdoor hat that protects from those probing proboscises! The flap hat is like a mosquito net you carry with you all day long!

Camo Hats

Being in the outdoors means sometimes wanting to blend in with your surroundings. Taking a cue from nature, shapes and colors that mimic the forest’s natural look is great for when you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb! These outdoor hats are camouflaged enough for paintball, hunting, and even a fun old game of hiding and seek. Let's check out our camo hats!

Gardening Hats

How is your summer garden looking? Whether are not you’ve got a green thumb gardening is a great way to while away the long summer days. After all, what could be better than a salad with fresh veggies from your very own garden, coaxed out of the earth by your own hands! Now, with our wide selection of gardening hats, you can stay cool as a cucumber while getting your hands dirty!


Our friends south of the border know how to deal with the summer heat. The sombrero is a hat that provides massive shade on all sides of the person lucky enough to wear it. A great outdoor hat with a rich cultural heritage might be just what the doctor ordered this summer!

However you decide to spend these dog days, we sincerely hope that you find yourself with ample time to get outdoors. While the A/C might be nice, it doesn’t beat Mother Nature. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we here at the offices of are headed out on a camping trip!

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