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Trending Military, Cadet Hats

military-864397_640 The military overflows with its own customs, traditions, and yes even its own sense of style. For the warriors in your life, practical head pieces are more than just a useful fashion statement; they are the accoutrement of war and can perhaps be meaningful reminders of the trials of combat. But even so, the style itself is not reserved only for the men and women who actually serve their country. Soldier sheik has been trending lately, even with civilian populations. So why not check out a hip platoon near you for fashion ideas? has the equipment to sort you out. At attention soldier!   Military Caps _1236356310_4 _1307442066_13 This alteration of the classic American baseball cap has a slightly higher, more cubic crown. Whether you prefer a more conservative khaki gray for your campaign or a loud, sequined variety to wear down to the saloon, we have got just the thing to fill your needs.   Rhinestone caps cr001da-black-1 js002da-red-1 sb004pd-1 vs004nb-1_1 Quite unmilitary in their appearance, the traditional military cap has become popular filling a decidedly flamboyant role in recent times. Rhinestones and sequins have replaced the conservative military camouflaged in dance clubs and hip parties across the civilian population.   Engineer caps _1235488759_4 fg001cb-navy-white-1 Not everyone who serves fires a gun, and for all the other enlisted out there with highly technical jobs that kept our soldiers safe, the engineer’s cap was created. With a short brim and a square crown, the cap is perfect for the golf course, barbeque, or other joyful activities that times of peace and plenty make possible.   Camo hats IMG_1405 _1315823157_4 ch002sp-camo-1 Whatever your hat style of choice, chances are good that we have a camouflaged version, so don’t be afraid to try this militaristic print on for size. Whether you are a hunter, a soldier, or just enjoy the pattern, camo caps and visors are very popular with people in rural areas. You can fit right in down at the farmer’s co-op!   Old School British Bobby Helmet alpini-647542_640 _1311760315_7 _1316019783_7 If traditional military dress is your thing – and believe us, it is a much cooler hobby than a lot of you might think – we have you covered. Check out our old-school-cool British Bobby helmet, worn by Her Majesties’ soldiers during the age of imperialism: makes a great costume or conversation starter.   IMG_1916 Whether or not you dig the style, you can’t debate the fact that our soldiers deserve our respect and thanks. Regardless of the political morality of warfare, the soldiers pay the steepest price and are worthy of praise. Show your gratitude by emulating the trendy style of the military on your next night out on the town.
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