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Veterans Hats - Limited Time Sale

The tail end of the year is full of fantastic Holidays, and while it may be a bit overshadowed by Thanksgiving, Veteran’s day is still one of our favorites. Veterans deserve a whole lot more than a single day when it comes to being honored and appreciated, but now you can remember the vet in your life with a thoughtful gift from your friends here at As a special treat for the men and women who serve our country, we are launching a spectacular Veterans Day Sale this year. That’s right, from November 4th through November 7th, you can use coupon code “e4Hats20” to get 20% off on all orders site-wide. Now those are some savings worth standing at attention for! Let’s take a look at our veterans hats, shall we? Veterans Hats

Here are Our Selected Veterans Hats

Camo Beanies

The surreptitious art of covert operations has lent the fashion world a thing or two. Can you spot the trend? We here at love our camo, and it makes a great fashion statement. During our Veteran’s Day Sale, you can pick out our veterans hats to help you “blend in” this fall!

Veteran Caps

Our Veteran’s Day Sale is a great opportunity to show your appreciation for that old soldier in your life, and what better way to do so than by making it easier for him to spot others who shared his experience. Our Vietnam Veteran hats broadcasts one’s service and their lived experience for all to see and appreciate. Show your appreciation with class.

Patriotic Hats

The defense of our country wouldn’t be possible without all of the pride and patriotism that flows our men and women in the service. During our Veteran’s Day Sale this year, you can represent the good old Red White and Blue with an assortment of patriot hats and accessories designed to do just that. God bless America!

Reenactment Hats

Historical reenactment is a fantastic hobby. Not only does it teach us the deep and conflicted story of our county’s tumultuous past, but it makes for a fun long weekend spent outdoors. Whether you are simply looking for a casual costume, or something seriously accurate for your historical rendition, our civil war hats is sure to meet muster.

Orange Hunting Beanies and Caps

Let’s not forget that many hunting seasons just so happen to coincide with our veterans hats. Opening day might be passed, but there are still plenty of opportunities to experience the great outdoors this fall. Just make sure you do so responsibly by signaling to any hunters that you are, in fact, not a deer. Orange gear and hats abound at
We hope our Veteran’s Day Sale will help you find a nice gift for the veteran in your life but don’t forget that something as simple as time, attention, and an understanding ear can serve that old soldier far better than anything material. Our heroes need us as much as we need them. Happy Veteran’s Day 2017!
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