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Veterans Patch Hats

This coming Saturday (November 11th) marks a great tradition of honoring the men and women who’ve served our country. That’s right, in case you’ve forgotten to mark this auspicious date on the calendar: it’s Veteran’s Day 2017! If you missed our Veterans Day blowout sale earlier in the week, have no fear. There are still plenty of great deals on Veterans patch hats to be found browsing our wide catalog. Let’s take a look at some recommended fashions for this occasion, shall we? You won’t be disappointed. Veterans Patch Hats

Embroidered and Patched Hats

Veteran’s Day is about remembrance. We take this quiet occasion to reflect on all of the conflicts that have raged in times past, and to remember the men and women who participated in those historical events. For these reasons, a good Veteran’s Day hat should be imbued with meaning, specific and clear. With our wide selection of custom embroidered patches, you can select any theatre, war, or branch of the military to honor in particular. Have an uncle that served in Vietnam? We have a patch specifically for him. Grandfather had a career in the navy? Why not embroider a US Navy patch on to his favorite jacket, hat, or backpack? We’ve got something for all those who’ve served past and present.

Patriotic Hats

If you are looking to avoid picking a particular conflict and instead take a general approach to honoring our troops, patriotic hats make a great way to broadcast your love of country this Veteran’s Day. We’ve got the stars and stripes featured on a multitude of designs, materials, colors, and forms. How about a patriotic beanie for the next big outdoor sporting event? It’s getting cold in America these days!

Orange Hats and Gear

Veterans Day weekend happens to coincide with all sorts of hunting seasons across America, and many who were once in the service now practice hunting as their hobby. While it is a great pastime, a bit of orange is indispensable if you’re planning on crawling around in the woods this Veteran’s Day. Check out our wide selection of orange and camo hats for each stage of your Veteran’s Day weekend hunting trip!

Veteran’s Day License Plates

We may be the number one place on the internet to pick up stylish and respectful Veterans patch hats, but that isn’t all we are! We also have a bevy of specially themed accessories to choose from, not all of which go on your person. Accessorizing your car can be just as fun as trying on new clothes, and with that in mind, we are releasing some pretty rad Veteran’s Day vanity plates this year. Now you can showcase your patriotism on the road as well!
However you decide to honor our troops, make sure you set aside some time aside to remember Veteran’s Day this year. Our men and women in uniform need and deserve our love and respect, and what better time to come together as Americans and be thankful for all we have. Happy Veteran’s Day!
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