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4th of July Sale

Mmm…the smell of apple pie, the cracking of fireworks, the heat rising up off of the damp asphalt. Summer, in the minds of many Americans, is often tied in with deep feelings of home and pride in our nation. That’s because it is at this time of year that we commemorate the birthday of the good old US of A. 4th of July Sale is a special holiday, and it comes at a time when the dog days of summer are just getting started. Whether you have a big barbeque bash planned or just shooting off a few bottle rockets out by the lake, you’ll want to make sure you protect yourself from the elements. Why not look good at the same time? Here at, we are getting ready to launch our annual Fourth of July Sale. This year, it will take place between 6/25 and 7/1, so that you can stock up on all the stuff you need. During this period, your cart is 20% off, so feel free to declare independence from high prices!

4th of July Sale

4th of July Sale Patriotic Hats

There is nothing quite like showing up to a Fourth of July shindig sporting the iconic imagery of America. You’ll be the toast of the barbeque as you strut around, crowned with Old Glory herself, opining on all the many virtues of your home nation! Patriotic hats are in this summer, and we have a variety of choices as diverse and awe-inspiring as the country itself! Check out all of the different ways you can show your pride of place, 20% off during our big sale!

Uncle Sam Hats

What character better represents the US of A than Uncle Sam himself? Why, this tall man with a top hat and a wandering eye is one of the most recognizable emblems of our national character. Even if you don’t have the right body type, a little patriotic Cosplay is always a bit of fun. Head on over and grab yourself a getup, we want YOU to save big this summer!

Trucker Mesh Hats

The 4th of July Sale is a time of sweat. There are several ways to deal with this heavy perspiration, but an ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. Enter the all-American Trucker Hat. Business in the front, and a cool breeze in the back—these mesh numbers will keep the sweating to a minimum as you celebrate this year’s Fourth. Check out the wide selection during our blow out sale!

Outdoors & Western Hats

Our neighbors to the south definitely know how to deal with the July heat. If you ask us what we’d be wearing to a scorching hot barbeque in the middle of summer, we would waste no time reaching for something straw, wide, and shady. The Outdoors & Western Hats fits this category nicely, and over the years has become a quintessential American style!

However you decide to celebrate Americas birthday this year, we hope you will stay cool during this heatwave. The Fourth comes but once a year, so grab your friends and a cold beverage and celebrate!

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