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Father’s Day Sale

If you are lucky enough to have a wonderful father in your life, you must never miss an opportunity to honor and appreciate him. June presents one such opportunity, in the form of Father’s Day. Of course, this day falls on the third Sunday every June, putting it right on the 19th of this month. That means there is precious little time left to avail yourself of something nice to put a smile on Papa’s face. As usual, your friends here at the offices of can be trusted to keep your holiday needs in mind.

In furtherance of dear old Dad’s biggest calendar date, we are proud to announce our annual Father’s Day sale is nigh. That’s right, from 6/11 through 6/17 you can save a whopping 20% off all of your paternal gift ideas. So, log on, browse around, and find out what it means to really save as you score something nice for the big guy! Now, let’s take a look at some fun ideas, shall we?

Father’s Day

Outdoor Hats for Father’s Day

If Dad is an intrepid adventurer, then the gift ideas may be as boundless as nature herself. From rugged, canvas bucket hats, to light and wide sombreros to shade from the desert sun, we have everything you need to do your outdoorsy papa a solid this Father’s Day. If you are planning a big father son trip involving hunting, hiking, camping, or fishing, we have a big selection of Outdoor hats that is made for just such a venture.

World’s Best Dad Hats

Dad is the best, and as a dutiful son or daughter, you’ll want to make sure he hears it all the time. Well, why not outsource some of that lip service with a handy, dandy “World’s Best Dad” cap this Father’s Day? Whatever the words, chances are we can Customize and stitch it on a cap for you. Let the old man know exactly how you feel with a nice message, now for pennies on the dollar during our Father’s Day Sale.

Handsome Hats for Dad

Dad is one good looking guy, a lion in winter, and a man about town! Why not help him showcase his best side with a classic piece from our wide and elegant selection. During the Father’s Day sale, you don’t have to break to bank to pick up a suave and debonair accessory for the big guy. We’ve got all his favorite formal hats and accessories – from Fedoras to Caps, Top Hat and etc. Just hop on over and give the store a browse. You are sure to make Dad proud with your thoughtful gift. Then it will be time to hit the town together in your new threads! Sounds like a winning Father’s Day plan to us.

We hope that you are lucky enough to have a wonderful and supportive father in your life, and that you will take this special day to honor him. A hat makes a wonderful gift for a style-conscious middle-aged man, so come on down and scoop him something nice!

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