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Green Monday Sale 2021

Now that you’ve put those leftovers away (and if you are like us, they lasted quite a while) it is time to turn our attention to the year’s end. If you’ve been out in any stores or malls lately, you are likely to be highly aware of just how close to Christmas we are, and to all the good things that go along with the peak of holiday cheer. Luckily, there are a few of what we might call “consumer holidays” that take place just before all of the gift exchanging commences. May we introduce, to those uninitiated, a little spot on the calendar known as Green Monday.

Dec 13th this year will be one of the biggest days for online shopping, due to the fact that it is right around the cutoff date to be guaranteed that an order will be received in time for Christmas. We here at are getting in on the fun with our annual Green Monday Sale. Between the dates of 12/11 and 12/13, you can avail yourself of 20% savings on our entire catalogue! There is no code to enter, just shop and save!

Green Monday

Hats as Christmas Gifts

With the New Year coming right after Christmas, a new style or look can make a great gift for the holiday season. We have a bevy of trendy, unique styles that will help 2022 become a year to remember. From elegant lady’s hats to debonair flat caps and Fedoras —trying on a new look becomes easy when you stuff your stockings with high fashion! Don’t actually stuff a fedora into a sock though, that’s probably a bad idea.

Hats for Kids

Christmas is all about the kiddos. If you’ve got a couple young ones of your own, you are sure to be keenly aware of just how large Santa and his sleigh bells will loom in a child’s mind. While you are stocking up on thoughtful gifts for the sprout in your life, why not peruse our giant Catalogue during the Green Monday Sale? A sharp new look may be just what Santa needs to delight the trendy youngster this Christmas!

Green Monday Santa Hats

And while we are on the topic of Santa, why not go all out on looking the part. No, we aren’t suggesting you grow a long white beard and put on a hundred pounds (though I’m sure that would make for quite a fun lead up to the holidays). Instead, you can simply make a few clicks on your mouse and for a fraction of the normal cost, we will ship you the perfect Holiday Hat! Just wait until you see the delighted faces of children everywhere. Who knows, you might even have a future as a mall Santa!

Green Monday is one of the last opportunities to load up on cheap gifts for your friends and family before Christmas. Be sure to avail yourself of the huge savings during our blowout Green Monday Sale!.

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