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Labor Day Sale 20% OFF - 2022

It is nearly time for us to take a pause and honor the men and women that built our society, and that means a lot more than a lovely three-day weekend (though that certainly helps). Labor Day is all about appreciating all of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into creating all the things we take for granted in our day to day lives. Monday, September 5th 2022 will be a day of remembrance for the American Worker, and we here at couldn’t be prouder.

In furtherance of this much needed day of rest, we are hosting our annual Labor Day Sale, during which you can knock 20% off of all items store-wide. So, let’s save you some sweat and check out what is on offer, shall we?

Labor Day Sale 20% OFF

Work Hats

Let it never be said that we are afraid to roll up the old shirtsleeves and get to work! But while we are preparing for our labors, let us take a moment to outfit ourselves with all of the things we need to be comfortable and productive as we put a little elbow grease into our projects. We’ve got all the rugged, Protective hats and headwear that you’ll need to get the job done. Check them out during the big sale, with styles to meet any need.

Hats for the office

If you’ve found yourself in more of a white-collar position, we have a selection of hats that match up with the formal needs of that work perfectly. Check out our elegant selection for all sorts of prim lady’s hats, Fedoras for the gents, and other things that will fit in at a more genteel corporate office.

Hats for the outdoors

If you work outdoors, protective headwear could be the difference between getting the job done and suffering a work-related sunburn. Why not check out or huge selection of rugged, durable, and protective pieces before you set out to expend a little elbow grease? During our big sale, you can minimize cost while maximizing productivity. We’ve got all kinds of Trucker Hats, Straw Hat, and other breathable material for those long days in the summer sun.

National Flag Hats

Labor Day means different things to different people, but the feeling of pride in the accomplishments of one’s nation should be universal. If you’d like an easy (and cheap) way to showcase a little national flair, we’ve got everything you need, no matter what corner of the globe you hail from. We’ve got a vexillological jamboree in our store, so check it out during our sale and grab a piece of the global pie.


We hope you’ll have a great three-day weekend, and make sure to take a moment to think of the people who built the modern society you now enjoy. With deep discounts on our entire catalogue, you can look great as you fire up the grill and give thanks.

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