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4th of July Patriotic Hats

Summer brings with it a bevy of holiday weekends, and one of our absolute favorite occasions is just around the bend. We here at have been stocking up on bottle rockets, icing down the beer, and of course, rolling out an awesome selection of patriotic hats and accessories just in time for a Fourth of July jamboree. We are slashing prices as much as 20% for our grand old, red white and blue Fourth of July sale. That’s right, starting the 23rd of June and lasting for a week you can get a 20% discount on all purchases. God bless America, right? Let’s check out what we’ve got in store for our nation’s birthday, shall we?

Patriotic Hats

Custom Embroidered USA Patriotic Hats

If there is one thing our patriotic hats do best, it is to showcase the pride of place that many American’s feels around this time of year. We come from a special country, and there is no shame in showing it off every once and a while. Now you can do just that with a custom embroidered USA hat from the internet’s most red-blooded hat department –

Jeep Style Rhinestone USA Hats

The national character of America is often said to be bold, brash, and in your face. Well, now there is a fashion statement that is all that and more! Check out our sequined patriotic hat, bejeweled in the likeness of old glory. You’ll be a hit at the barbeque for sure this year, just make sure to bring plenty of beer and watermelon to assuage your friends and family, who are sure to be green with envy over your rhinestone hat.

Military Style Patriotic Caps

While the Fourth might be an opportunity for a bit of barbeque and ball-tossing, let us not forget that it is also a somber occasion that deserves reflection and the giving of thanks. For two hundred and fifty or so years, men have been fighting and dying to preserve this thing we call America, and we wouldn’t be marking such an advanced birthday if it wasn’t for their blood and sacrifice. Now you can get a patriotic hat to honor their service by checking out the amazing military cap selection from!

Patriotic Visor Caps

The Fourth of July falls on a particularly balmy and (with any luck) sunshiny part of the year. As the Earth orbits the sun at its very closest, those UV rays are rising to the peak of their danger and power. With that in mind, why not keep yourself shaded throughout all of your outdoor plans this Fourth of July. We here at have patriotic hats that will keep you stylish and cool as you unwind over the long weekend. Check out our large visor selection while the sale is still on!
However you decide to spend your time on our nation’s birthday, make sure you make the most of it. A few good friends and a hotdog or two can go a long way, particularly when you are decked out in a patriotic hat from your friends and compatriots here at!
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