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Choose our awesome Halloween Hats

halloween-496282_640 All Hallows’ Eve, conventionally known as “Halloween”, has long since lost its ancient druidic roots and become a time of childhood joy, fun and celebration of things that go bump in the night. With wonderful traditions of dress up, practical jokes, and stuffing your face with that ubiquitous candy corn, Halloween is a personal favorite of us here at Whether you are going for a complex and expensive costume with all the frills, or are more the “low key” type who prefers an item of clothing that gives a mere casual nod towards the holiday, we have something perfect just for you. Don’t be frightened! Let’s take a closer look at our wide selection of Halloween hats and accessories.   Halloween Beanies 2N0P0067 hb303di-olive-1 hj301bf-black-5 hs304di-orange-1_2 jh301bf-white-5 Most of us in temperate climes learn to anticipate a cold snap come late October, and it may be prudent to have your spooky Halloween accessories double as practical head warmers in case you find yourself going door to door in the midst of an early frost. We have a large assortment of insulating beanies perfectly suited to this ghostly time of year. Beanies showcasing various jack-o-lanterns are popular sellers for this, the season of the pumpkin!   Halloween Caps ec301he-black-silver-1 hg304he-royal-5 ht301he-black-5 wb306he-maroon-5 While Halloween is celebrated in many countries, there is something distinctly American about its modern manifestation. Perhaps it meshes nicely with our tendency towards indulgence, but whatever the reason, tootsie rolls and toilet papered trees fit right in with the good old American baseball cap. We have a large selection of specially embroidered Halloween caps for you to choose from- skulls, spiders and ghosts included (oh my!).   Costume hats adult-15642_640 _1299503354_16 _1308573875_7 hb001ct-black-1 If you are going all out with the “fancy dress” this Halloween, we’ve got your hook up. From characters off of video games, movies and TV to the more classic witches and skeletons, there is something suitable for whatever your creative idea happens to be. Why not attend your party as a steampunk princess, or stalk the suburban streets of your neighborhood with the headpiece of an Arabian sheik? The only limit is what you can dream up.   Novelty hats _1268905116_7 _1314033242_7 ch001pa-5_1 oj01pa-1_2 In a similar vein, head on over to our “crazy cap” selection and take a look at the wide selection of novelty items we have in stock. These are the hats that really don’t fit into the “costume” category, but that are weird and kooky enough to be worn in a variety of capacities.   designed-bg While spooky ghosts and dressing up are all part of the fun, don’t forget that Halloween is really a celebration of childhood, and of all the mysteries that make growing up such a special time. While it may be tempting to let another October pass with cocktails and not much fanfare, if you do have any special young people in your life, let this be a time to make a memory with them. What a better way to start your (or your child’s) costume off right than with a funny hat from our shop. Check us out, and have an awesome Halloween!  
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