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Choose from our Custom Embroidered Hats

Embroidered Cap

Being unique and original is more than just a fashion statement. Independence sets you apart from the crowd and lets you bravely go your own way. As summer winds down, we have seen many a stylish fad come and go, and while they have all had their own unique sense of charm, there is nothing quite so hip as having your own individualized fashion sense. Now you can have just that and more with a customized accessory to show off what is truly important in your life. is offering a dizzying array of custom crests and embroidered symbols, messages, and designs so that you can showcase what moves you!

For Family

Few things define us as succinctly and completely as our position within our family unit. Are you a brother? A father? A son? Or perhaps all three? There are plenty of family-oriented embroidered caps to choose from. So go ahead and show off the fact that you are a caring “big brother”, parade the “world’s best dad” or proclaim yourself to be a “#1 Soccer Mom” with a custom hat from e4hats!

hot pink white embroidered foam mesh back cap number 1 mom embroidered washed cap
For Holidays

There are plenty of seasonal hats, but none peg the time of year quite so specifically as those with holiday themed embroidery or patches. Choose the perfect holiday themed cap and beanie for Valentine's Day, 4th of July, Christmas, Halloween and other celebrations. Collect a whole set, and never be without appropriate headwear for any festive season all the year round!

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For Veterans

For those warriors who served in massive conflicts, the memories of the life changing ordeal they went through can be both powerful and lasting. So deep and profound are the bonds made in combat that being a veteran is often how old soldiers identify first and foremost. For that reason, hats embroidered with an affirmation of past duty are popular. Check out our selection of patches specific to the difference periods of recent American history, and get one as a thank you to someone in your life who has served his country.

vl301di-black-5 ve301mo-sky-1
For Patriots

Proud of where you are from? No matter the place, there is a person out there who is ready to sing its praises. Save your voice, and instead check out a patriotic hat to showcase your love for your mother country. No matter how far-flung your origins, can hook you up!

IMG_1042n IMG_1598
dw304ca-purple-gold-1_1 ef505cy-england-5

IMG_1002 Whatever your passion, your pride, or your identity happens to be, we’ve got a perfect embroidered hat that will proclaim it to those around you. While sporting some of these symbols may seem a bit brash, remember that a hat that signifies what kind of a person you are, or what you hold as important, can be a great way to make unexpected friends and have interesting experiences that you wouldn’t have otherwise had. Wearing a hat with an Irish flag will have Irishmen coming up to engage you in any city in the world. A veteran of the Korean War may be surprised to find brothers in arms coming out of the woodwork when he wears his Korean War hat. These hats will connect you to others, so don’t waste any time. Find your symbol today!
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