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Coachella Festival SALE

The Coachella Music Festival is on its way, and doors for this awesome event open April 12th. A bastion of great music, food, art and fun, we here at the offices of are super excited for this once a year blowout of creativity and style. Whether you have your tickets in hand or can only dream of heading west for the occasion, we want to celebrate the event with a Coachella hat sale! That’s right, to honor all the fun, we are offering Coachella fans a discount on their entire cart this week. Just shop to your heart’s content, and check out to save a whopping thirty percent! Speaking of “checking out”. let’s check out the lineup on stage one, shall we?

Coachella Hat

Sun Hats for Coachella

That California sun doens’t mess around, and if you are planning on attending Coachella 2019, you’ll want to make sure and prepare with one of our many UV blocking hat options. After all, protecting your sensitive skin is serious business! May we recommend something light like a hemp outback hat, wide brim floppy sun hats, or a visor or some kind? Trust us when we say that getting sunburned your first day at the festival will not make for a fun time!

Novelty Hats

When it comes to music festivals, people can get a little weird and wacky. Of course, that is a large part of the fun: expressing yourself and your own unique personal style. In furtherance of this, we here at the Internet's most groovy hat depot are giving a 20% discount on all of our awesome novelty hats. Check them out today and turn a few heads during the festival. This is a great way to spark conversations and make a few friends.

Baseball Caps

If you are a different kind of person-- the type who wants nothing more than to blend in with the crowd, there are certainly options for you as well. Enter the humble baseball cap. This classic American headpiece is perfect for sunny days jamming out under a blue, western sky. And, what’s more, they are super customizable! We offer a service to custom embroiderer baseball casps with unique slogans, symbols, and icons. So, if you are looking for something practical, but with just a small touch of your own unique flair, this might be the perfect choice for you.

Costume accessories

If you are looking to go one step further, and plan on appearing at the festival in a full on costume, you are sure to make a lot of friends really quick. For those brave souls, we have a bevy of awesome costume accessories to make your cosplay really pop. Check out our wide selection and you just may wind up the talk of Coachella this year.

We hope you get a chance to attend this magical festival-- if not this year, than at some point in your life. It is truly a great event, and a time when people are really free to express themselves without the usual inhibitions of society. Enjoy your Coachella 2019!

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