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Coachella Hat Sale - Look Fabulous at Coachella

Coachella is nearly upon us! April 13th marks the beginning of this glorious festival featuring such big names as Beyoncé and Eminem. If you are planning on getting yourself there to take in some sunshine and groovy tunes, you’ll want to make sure you are dressed for the occasion. As anyone who has frequented music festivals will tell you, fashion takes on a whole new meaning as the celebrations begin. In order to see that our friends are decked out in fine style for the occasion, we here at are unveiling our Coachella Festival Sale! That’s right dudes and dudettes, between the days of April 7th and 10th (that’s one whole week leading up to Coachella, for those of you counting) we offer a quarter off your entire cart. Get 25% off during our amazing Coachella Hat Sale!

Coachella Hat

Here are Our Coachella Hat

Butterfly Embroidered Baseball Caps

The butterfly is a universal symbol of peace, love, and all things gentle and delicate. Now you can attract other festival goers with your own vivid colors, just like the petals of a spring flower bring forth all manner of insects in their quest for nectar. If you are browsing our Coachella Hat Sale this week, be sure to check out this little number that we dreamed up. The butterfly effect will be in full force!

Cowboy Hats

Coachella hats are all about embracing that freewheeling spirit of the West. That means big skies, leather boots, and of course, cowboy hats in spades. But when it comes to these emblematic hats, there are a dizzying amount of types, colors, and materials to choose from. Let us take some of the guesswork out of it for you during our Coachella Festival Sale. You can rustle up just about any type of cowboy hat you can imagine, partner, and fit right in with all the other cowboys and girls!

Fedora Sun Hats

Coachella is generally accompanied by warm, sunny days. It is California after all! You’ll want to protect yourself from those harmful UV rays, and our Coachella Festival hat Sale is the best time to do just that. With a straw fedora hat, you’ve got a number that is equal parts protection and style. Lightweight and breathable, you can’t go wrong with these at a music festival! Trust us on that one.

Novelty Hats

Sometimes, a music festival calls for getting a little weird and wacky with yourself. Coachella is no different! As you party hard and laugh it up with friends, there is always an excuse to dress up and play the oddball. Now you can do so in style with our wide selection of novelty hats. Your creativity knows no bounds! And with our Coachella hat Sale, it doesn’t have to. Enjoy!

Whether you are making the trek to the Indio to see the big names take center stage, or staying at home with a cup of tea and a Spotify “Coachella 2018” playlist, make sure you spend some time to embrace those time-honored music festival tropes: peace, love, and happiness!

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