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Coachella Style Hats

Coachella style hats April is a special time for us here at the offices of – the week of 4/14 in particular. It is this auspicious date that marks to beginning of Coachella Music Festival. The festival, in case you haven’t heard, is a time of music, art, and general frivolity held annually in Indio California. Not only are the tunes, food, and ambiance all on point, but festival goers tend to bring their “A game” when it comes to hats and accessories as well. Whether you are looking to attend for this year’s awesome lineup, or are planning on being there in only spirit, we’ve got a plethora of Coachella style hats to free the mind, body, and spirit. Check out all the deals we have on offer, perfect for a bit of a desert romp!

Straw Fedora Hats

Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Even Don Draper has to find a change of wardrobe when he lands in sunny California, and swapping that warm, velvet fedora for one made of straw is Coachella style through and through. Check out our selection of straw fedora styles and keep it real all festival long.

Cowboy and Outback Hats

Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Coachella style is deeply intertwined with the lore and fashion of the west and all that this heritage entails. Rough cowboys on the trail, gold panning prospectors, and hard-drinking gamblers all contributed to the milieu that won the West. Now, you can continue that legacy as you party it up in the deserts where these great figures of the past once rode. Check out our wide selection of cowboy hats before the festival starts!

Floral Hats

Coachella style hats Women's Floral Canvas Roll Up Hat Floral Cotton Bucket Hat Floral Design Bow Crushable Hat Flower girls are what Coachella style is all about, and these icons of the festival scene have been rocking out in floral hats and accessories since the sixties. Now you can get groovy, tune in, and drop out with our far-out selection of floral hats. Whether it is a simple garland of petals, or something a bit more traditional, we’ve got what you need to reach full bloom baby!

Coachella Style Hats

Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Coachella style hats Coachella style hats While fitting in to that Coachella style vibe is important to festival goers, one also has to take time to consider the practical elements of days spent out dancing in a desert. The sun is a very real thing out here in California, as you’ll soon realize in despair if you don’t take steps to protect your hide. Never fear, we’re here to help with an awesome selection of wide-brimmed hats for you to choose from. Now you can dance all day in the shade – just be sure to stay hydrated.
Coachella style hats However you decide to celebrate this festival season, the fashion that accompanies this wild and free jubilee has definitely started a trend. Get on board with our awesome-sauce selection of Coachella style hats and accessories today, and bring a little of the spirit into your life. You might find yourself stuck inside the office while the big-name bands rock out, but remember, there is always a Spotify playlist and a hat from to make you feel like you are right there!
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