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Fourth of July SALE - 20% OFF

It is about this time of year, when the grass grows fast and the watermelons get ripe, that we here in the US of A start to feel mighty patriotic about this great land of ours. With summer skies above us, we take to the outdoors with plenty of bug spray, a cooler full of our favorite drinks, and charcoal to fire up the grill. We invite friends and family around, and the bravest among us begins to light the fireworks. That’s right, the Fourth of July, better known as Independence Day, is fast approaching. Doesn’t the year just fly by? Well have no fear, because we here at are prepped to help you hold on to these special moments. This year, to celebrate the birth of our nation, we are holding a spectacular Fourth of July Sale. From the 21st to the 28th of June, you can prepare for the big day by shaving 20% off of all purchases. Wow! Other shops can’t hold a (Roman) candle to these prices. Let’s check out what we’ve got in store, shall we fellow patriots?

Fourth of July Hat Sale

Flag Caps

What do the stars and stripes mean to you? To us the flag symbolizes unity, freedom, justice, and so much more. Why not showcase your pride by picking up an American Flag Cap during our big Fourth of July SALE? Now you can have the star spangled banner with you wherever you go, and show how much you support this incredible country of ours.

Patriot Caps

Besides a flag cap, we have plenty of other, perhaps more subtle ways to broadcast your patriotism at the big July 4th block party or bbq in your neck of the woods. We’ve got flags, we’ve got mottoes, we’ve got any and every All-American design to fulfill your heart’s content. As Americans, our creativity and ingenuity knows no bounds! Why not celebrate with a custom Patriotic hat during our blowout Independence Day Hat Sale?

Novelty Hats for the Fourth of July

Let us not forget, that behind all of the high-minded rhetoric of patriotism and liberty, the Fourth of July is supposed to just be plain fun. There are few times of year quite as enjoyable as eating a fresh, cold watermelon while walking barefoot through the St. Augustine grass and swinging a sparkler overhead! Celebrate in style with a novelty hat from!

Veteran Caps

The Fourth of July is also a great occasion to honor the men and women of the armed services. These people fight to keep us free, and it is worthwhile to pay them a little fashion homage on Independence Day. We have veteran caps for every theater of war, perfect for the veteran in your life. Check them out today and pick up a thoughtful Fourth of July gift, now 20% off!

However you decide to celebrate this great, All-American holiday, make sure to stop and appreciate everything we enjoy as US citizens. Let us give thanks to all the patriots who laid down their lives to make this country a wonderful place to live. God bless the USA and happy 4th from your friends here at!

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