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Golf Hat for You 2018

Do you hear the call of the links? We here at sure do! There is just something about being out there on a sunny day amidst all the green grass and swaying trees. Golf has a way of relaxing us, obsessing us, causing friendships to form and fall apart all before the 18th hole. And while you are out there swinging away, remember that golf has a storied and traditional sense of style that is all its own. Not to mention the many country clubs and their Spartan dress requirements! Consider us here at to be your personal fashion-caddy when it comes to golf hat this year. Before you head out to tee off, give our wide selection a browse— you are certain to be “hooked” in the best possible way.

golf hat

Our Selected Golf Hat 2018

Custom Embroidered Baseball Caps

The classic, all-American baseball hat is a staple for golf enthusiasts around the world. Lightweight, protective, and super stylish, you will see a baseball cap at almost any course you go to. But why not twist the ordinary into something custom? A golf hat that speaks to your interests, passions, and beliefs is worth its weight in gold out on the links.

Flat/Ivy Caps

The flat cap is straight out of central casting, and it reads simply: golfer. If you are looking for a golf hat every bit as storied and traditional as the game itself, you should really take a look through our flat cap selection. A classic never dies, after all, and when it comes to golfing style, this is doubly true! Grab a ivy hat today and stuff your golf bag full of swag!

Sun Visors

The sun is the enemy of every golfer. While a sunny day is certainly better than a rainy one out on the course, you’ll find that the bright rays of our wonderful sun can be a challenge all their own. Now you can overcome this hazard in style with our wide selection of sun visor golf hats, perfect for an afternoon spent dodging sand traps.

Bucket Hats

While bucket hats are usually used in fishing and other sportsmen like pursuits, they also make quite nice golf hats for a day spent on the fairway. While it won’t help your chip shot a whole lot, the humble bucket hat is great when it comes to protecting golfers from all the elements they are sure to encounter during a long 18 holes.

However you decide to outfit yourself for a relaxing day out at the country club, be sure to get outdoors and enjoy the cooler weather. The summer was certainly a long and hot one, and it is definitely time to take in some autumn air. Whether or not you are a pro golfer, we’ve got loads of outdoor and golf hats for any type of activity. So put a little swagger into your fun. Check out the dizzying selection from your friends here at, and tackle the world in high style! You won’t be disappointed.

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