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Good Friday Custom Embroidered Caps

Good Friday is nearly upon us. The austere season of Lent is relenting (get it?) at long last, allowing us space to breath and eat some chocolate bunnies. Whether or not you are a practicing Catholic who is just looking forward to meat on Fridays, there is definitely something universal about this spring celebration of fertility and rejuvenation. We here at just think that bunnies are super cute, so whether you are on the trail of a chocolate sugar high, or Peter Cottontail himself, you should really do yourself a service and take a look at our Good Friday Custom embroidered caps.

We’ve got everything you need to customize your Easter weekend to your heart’s content, making the unique experience tailored to your particular sensibilities. If you’d like to “have it your way”, check out what we are dropping in your basket this year, and celebrate all things springtime with your vernal friends here at

Custom Embroidered Caps

Bunny Custom Embroidered Caps

The rabbit, for some strange reason, is the symbol for all things Easter. Has a cuter symbol ever been concocted? Don’t tell Santa, but we think not. We could speculate on the tenuous connection between spring, fertility, and the humble hare, but it is more fun to simply fire up the custom embroidering machines and go a little crazy with some hippity hoppity designs. Check out our custom embroidered rabbit hats today and get a little spring in your step!

Custom Embroidered Easter Message Hats

Whatever message you are hoping to spread this Easter, it certain gets a lot easier with the ability to stitch sayings, phrases, and mottos onto the front of your hat. If you are up to a bit of bunny business this spring, let us help you out by putting your words out there for the whole world to see!

Easter Crosses

Let us not forget, in our gorging of chocolate and the hunt for dyed eggs, that Good Friday has some deeply religious roots. The core of the day is about a connection to a higher power. For those of you who enjoy the Christian significance of the holiday, we here at have a custom embroidered Good Friday hat that is very special indeed. Check out our cross has and broadcast your values for all to see and appreciate!

Easter Egg Hats

For those of you who like the whole “fertility” angle of Good Friday the best (or just really, really like colored eggs), we have a design that is perfectly suited to your Easter weekend. Coming in an assortment of styles and colors every bit as varied as the eggs themselves, these custom embroidered caps will have you hunting for your favorite for hours. Click now to search through our wide and unique collection.

However you celebrate Easter, make sure to take the long weekend to get some quality time with friends and family. This beautiful season is the perfect time to stop and smell the roses, and customize to your heart’s content with a nice new item from

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