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Happy Easter Sale 2020

All over the world, flowers are pushing themselves up from the soil, the temperature is rising, and a certain green hue has returned to the forests and the fields. That can only mean that spring is here. If you suffer from allergies, we definitely feel your pain. It may be time to pop an antihistamine and stay in doors for a while. But just because you have to observe the beautiful bounty of spring through the window, doesn’t mean it isn’t a special time of year filled with its own unique traditions, observances and styles. Paramount among these, of course, is the Easter celebration! While the big day might be a little low-key this year, that is no reason to waste a good opportunity to pick up some Easter fashion. In order to help you do so, we are unveiling our big annual Easter Sale. Between the dates of 4/4 and 4/10, you can shave 20% off of your entire cart when you shop with us. Hop on over and see what is in store this season!

Easter Sale

Easter Colors

One of our favorite things about Easter fashion is the iconic pastel colors. They go so well with the backdrop of the seasons changing, with the flowers blooming and the bees all abuzz. Reds, pinks, light blues: they are just so perfectly suited for tales of Peter Cotton Tail and the hunt for missing eggs. Check out our wide selection of hats and pick one up in a pastel shade today!

Easter Sale Hats for Kids

Let’s face it, Easter is really all about the kids. Not only is Easter symbolic of fertility, growth, and new life, but it is also just a very fun time to be a young person. In furtherance of all the youthful enjoyment, we have a huge selection of youth hats to choose from during our awesome Easter Sale. From the serious styles, to the novelty fun: we’ve all the eggs you need for your basket this year.

Custom Embroidered Easter Hats

Sometimes, you may want to give a little more thought to the Easter message you broadcast to the world. That’s why we keep our custom embroidery machines well-oiled and ready to deliver you a hat tailor-made to your expectations. Shop around our store from some ideas, and go unique this Easter!

Novelty Hats for Easter

Why not make this Easter an excuse for some lighthearted fun? A frivolous holiday spent at home, surrounded by immediate family, punctuated by laughter and finished off with a big helping of mirth—that sounds pretty good to us. Let us extend a jovial helping hand with our wide selection of novelty hats. From a pair of bunny ears to a full-on rabbit beanie, we’ve got you covered!

Whatever your low-key Easter plans this year, be sure to mark the holiday with some fun, weird, wild, and cool styles from your friends here at e4hats. Remember, during our Easter sale you can save 20% store-wide! Stay safe out there friends, and Happy Easter!

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