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Holiday Gift Guide

Winter Gift Guide The black Friday and cyber Monday sales were a fantastic success, and many wonderful deals were gobbled up by happy shoppers across the globe. However, as the year winds down to its conclusion, the season becomes less about consuming and much more about giving. A good Christmas gift should be personal and should indicate that much thought went into its purchase. Consider things like practical use, individual style, and just what would make your loved one truly the happiest this Christmas. A quality hat can easily fill all of these criteria, and as such they often make fantastic Christmas presents (and who wants three French hens and two turtle doves, anyway?)  If you are running dry on ideas, let us here at provide you with some yule-tide inspiration for what to put under that tree.


Rasta Black Scarf Red & White Scarf Blue Scarf Grey Turquoise A neck wrap that matches your loved one’s eye color is a thoughtful and practical gift just in time for the coldest time of the year. From bulky to light, cotton to silk, Rastafarian to drab metropolitan, we have more scarves than you can shake a stick at.


Monkey mitten Brown Outdoor Glove Fuchsia texting glove Womens black texting glove Nothing is worse than blue knuckles and numb fingertips bitten by the cold. Make sure your loved ones can keep those all-important digits toasty with some sweet glove action from We even carry some cute puppy dog gloves for the animal lover in your life— check them out!


Brown Warm Blanket Red Oxford Blanket Latte Lux Blanket Green Fleece Blanket There is no worse time to catch a chill than early morning or in your bed, and everyone appreciates the snug feeling of a warm blanket. Not only are blankets nice and cozy, but they are also thought to protect small children from things which go bump in the night, making them ideal gifts for the young children in your life (just make sure to include an action figure or Xbox game as well). We highly recommend the lamb wool throw blanket for a toasty night’s sleep this winter.

Custom Christmas Beanies (Embroidered In-House)

Christmas Design Beanie Christmas Design Beanie There is nothing quite so Christmassy as a fluffy beanie, except perhaps a beanie embroidered with your name or logo. Here at, we have your hook up for all the custom embroidering your holiday plans could possibly need.

Dress Hats

Dressy Hat Not all of us celebrate Christmas with a home cooked meal. In fact, these days, many families like to forgo the piles of dirty dishes by simply going out to a fancy Christmas dinner downtown. For your upscale Christmas dinner, we have all kinds of dressy formal hats that scream both refinement and holiday cheer. Check out what we’ve got before you make your reservations for the big day.

Santa / Costume Hats

Santa Hat Santa Hat Beard Christmas Pigtails hat Christmas Hat Plush Christmas Tree Hat The season of giving is also a season of light-hearted frivolity, so why not prep yourself and your family for a little holiday dress up with our selection of Christmas costume hats from The kiddies can play the elves as you go about delivering Christmas presents dressed like old St. Nick himself.
Winter Gifts! Don’t forget to make your list and check it twice when it comes time for this glorious season of gift giving. Check out all of our wonderful stocking stuffers and be the toast of your family this year!
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