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Mardi Gras Sale

The long and austere season of Lent is right around the corner. Whether or not you are a practicing adherent to the Catholic faith, the period of frivolity and feast that proceeds this somber time of fasting is a great excuse for a party! In deeply Catholic places like New Orleans, this time is known as Mardi Gras! In fact, many places across the country celebrate some form of Carnival, and we here at the offices of have caught the bug ourselves. Therefore, we’ve decided to let the good times roll with a hugely discounted Mardi Gras Sale across the board. We’re parading out the savings between Feb 23rd and the first of March. That’s right, we’re throwing a whopping 20% off to celebrate this most festive of seasons! No coupon code to enter, just fill up your cart and save nearly a third at checkout. Now that’s something to parade about!

Mardi Gras Sale

20% OFF! Mardi Gras Sale!

Jester Hats and Bands

Everyone loves to play the fool come to Mardi Gras, and the jester is a time-honored trickster whose joyful antics are an integral part of the festivities. Now you can slip on a different hat and let go of the need to be serious, if only for a day. Just like in Shakespeare, the fool is usually the wisest one of all the characters. Check out our wide selection of foolish hats and novelty jester crowns today!

Mardi Gras Furry Hats

Three colors are symbolic of the Mardi Gras season: purple, green, and gold. Now you can grab a furry hat in these splendid and festive hues, and really take your Mardi Gras costume to a whole new level of novelty.

Mardi Gras Masks

Mardi Gras is all about letting go of your day to day identity and slipping into the mask of a creature a little more mysterious and fun, unbound by the constraints of dignity and propriety! Now you can do just that during our fabulous Mardi Gras sale. Simply slip into a new identity and save thirty percent off while doing so. After all, even your alter ego isn’t made out of money!

Mardi Gras Embroidered Caps

If you find Carnival a little over the top, we can’t really blame you. For you, we have a collection of hats that only subtly nod towards this garish festival. Why not check out some custom embroidered caps during our Mardi Gras Sale? Our savings are worth a ton of beads, doubloons, and cups.

Whether you are headed down to the Big Easy for a no-holds-barred, explosive Mardi Gras party, or are just planning a low key barbeque with some friends, make sure to stop and smell the roses. After all, enjoying yourself and all the pleasures and fun that life has to offer: that’s the true meaning of this holiday. So cast off the trappings of the humdrum, throw on a mask and fill your cup with gin— because it’s Carnival time baby!

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