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Memorial Day Discount

It could be said that a culture is largely made up of human memory. The things we choose to cling on to, as Americans and as human beings, say a lot about what we value and treasure. For this reason, Memorial day is of particular importance to us here at the offices of Monday, May 27th is more than just a three day weekend for many: it is a day we set aside to remember those that died in the service of our great country. So, whether you have a particular someone whose memory you hold dear, or are using the day as a general purpose time to honor those long passed, you will want to make sure to give some time to reflect on the sacrifices of others that have helped shape the life you currently have.

Although it is a small thing, we are using the holiday to announce yet another steep discount on all our hats and accessories store-wide. That’s right folks, our Memorial Day Sale is here. So, if you are in the mood to use some of your long weekend to stock up on needed supplies (including a new look), we are here to help you save a bundle while doing so. From May 18th to the 22nd, simply fill up your cart and save 20% during our Memorial Day Sale. Let’s check out some ideas for Memorial Day fashion, shall we?

memorial day

Trucker’s Caps

Boy, it sure is getting hot out there these days, and if you have big outdoor plans for Memorial Day weekend, you’ll need a hat that is practical and breathes well. The trucker hat fits both of these requirements quite nicely, and comes in a dizzying array of colors and styles as well. Check out our wide selection!

Cowboy Hats

Memorial day is a great day for embracing and celebrating American cultural icons. During our Memorial Day Sale, you can do just that, without breaking the bank. Check out our ten gallon hats every bit as big and bold as the American West itself!

Memorial day Veteran’s Hats

Don’t forget those veterans still alive and kicking this Memorial Day. To honor them we have an enormous selection of hats for veterans of every theatre in recent American history. Check them out today and make a thoughtful Memorial Day gift to the soldier in your life!

Sun Hats

That May Sun has gotten fairly ridiculous, and those of us with fair skin are starting to have to take pains to avoid serious sun burn when traversing the warming outdoors. For those of you who want to ban the burn, our wide selection of sun hats can help you keep cool and shaded all through what the coming summer has to offer. Check out our wide selection during our Memorial Day Sale and save 20%.

Whatever big plans you may have for this Memorial Day weekend, be sure to keep the true spirit of the holiday alive, and pay homage to the men and women who’ve lain down their lives for all of us.

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