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Patriot Day Sale 2020

It is during this somber moment in September that we set aside a day to muse on all the things that we stand for as Americans: our values, cultures, and traditions. With cooling weather outside, the kids (mostly) going back to school, and the (hopeful) return of American football, early fall is a great time to be stateside.
In furtherance of that, and in honor of this sacred day, we are offering a 20% discount store-wide during our Patriot Day sale. From September 4th through the 9th, all purchases will be a fifth off. Let’s check out what that entails this year, shall we?

Patriot Day Sale 2020

Patriot Day Sale on Patriotic Hats

One of the key elements of Patriot Day is, you guessed it, patriotism! If you feel it, that pride of place is something you want to shout from the rooftops. This applies to all countries and peoples of the world. But let us apply it to this particular holiday. That means that Old Glory is going to be prominently featured in any Patriot Day attire. We have the American flag on just about any type of hat you could dream of, so head on over and fill your cart with American pride!

Custom Embroidered Baseball Caps

There are all sorts of cool messages, slogans, emblems and symbology associated with this holiday, and with the emotions it evokes. If you have an idea for something catchy and stylish, why not let us make it a reality for you to enjoy and showoff during this big Patriot Day Sale? From flags to mottos and so much more, you can have just about anything made – at a nice discount to boot!

Cowboy Hats and Sombreros

The cowboy hat is an all-American icon that we here at are quite happy to call one of our very favorites. So, if you are a fan of the big-sky, derring-do form of celebrating Patriot’s Day, we’d certainly love to lend you a helping (and fashionable) hand, partner. Just mosey on down to the largest collection of cowboy hats in all the west, and you are sure to light on something that will tickle your fancy.

Cool Weather Accessories

It is no secret that cooler temperatures are just around the corner, and before you know it, snow will be falling across northern climates. When that time comes, take it from us, you want to be well prepared for all the slings and arrows of nature’s frosty season. We’ve got every kind of cool weather accessory you could dream of – from beanies, to ear muffs, mittens and all sorts of fluffy, comforting things. Check us out and get an early drop on winter!

However you decide to honor this important day, make sure that you do honor it. No matter who you are, a little patriotism never hurts. So, suit up, light the grill, and have an awesome Patriot’s day this year. We here at the offices of will be flying a flag for all our loyal customers!

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