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President's Day Hats

Four score, and seven years ago, we created to spread great deals on hats and accessories throughout the land! But without the bold leaders of yesteryear, what examples of innovation and diligence would we have to look up to? All of this is just a roundabout way of saying that President's Day is right around the corner. During this once a year event, we take a little extra time to remember and honor those great minds who have helped forge our country and our institutions. And why not use the holiday to exercise your right to shop! We’ve got great deals across the board on all kinds of nifty fashion. So whether you are feeling presidential or not, check out our great President's Day’s hats while supplies last!

president's day hats and caps

President's Day Patriotic Hats

President's Day is a fine time to display your pride of place, and there has never been a better spot than to get the necessary patriotic hats and gear. Check out our hats featuring Old Glory herself, and let the world know that you are a red-blooded American! No matter what side of the aisle you stand on, r who your favorite president is, we are all united under these patriotic hats!

President's Day Custom embroidered Caps

Presidents often “go their own way.” Great leaders don't usually go with the crowd, and neither do you. Your fashion sensibilities are every bit as unique as you are, and now with a custom embroidered cap you can display the very individuality which makes our country great. If you have an idea for a cool and presidential cap, let us know!

President's Day Cold Weather Hats

That “Polar Vortex” was a real doozy, and you may find that your President's Day hat needs to be extra cozy and insulating this year. We’ve got you covered partner! Whether you are celebrating the Executive in Chief, or just looking to rock a little fresh winter style, we have an amazing selection of cold weather hats for you to choose from. Check us out!

President's Day National Flag Hats

You can get in on the action even if you hail from distant shores. If you’ve got a flag you’d love to rep this President's Day (probably just Monday for you), we can definitely stitch it onto a quality cap for your pleasure.

President's Day Historical Hats

Those of us who get really into the holiday will want to harken back to the time when Presidents were colossal figures! How about an Honest Abe top hat? How about some period pieces from colonial or Civil War days? The creative possibilities are endless when you shop with your friends at

Ok, guys and girls. We understand that President's Day might not fall very highly on the list of annual holidays. Most of us might not even notice! But do you really need an excuse for fresh new gear? We know that we don’t! So celebrate Monday with an awesome deal on some awesome accessories from your presidential friends here at e4Hats!

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