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Summer Hats for Men and Women

The grass is growing long and green and the mosquitos are buzzing in the night. Summer, in all its glories, is finally upon us. The humid weather and the long days are setting in, so it is time for all good fashionistas to think about a change in wardrobe. A good summer look is light, casual, and ready for some outdoor fun. We’ve got all the summer hats you need for the sultry season. Check out some choice items below!

Summer Hats

Straw Hats

During the blazing summer months, it is important to keep headwear light and breathable. That is why a straw hat is superior come June! Keep your head cool and let your skin breath and take advantage of that summer breeze to make yourself feel fine.

Baseball Caps

An all-American baseball cap may be just what the doctor ordered this summer. Classic in style, casual, and perfect for any outdoor situation, we have a dizzying amount of colors and designs. Pick from one of our many styles or make your own with our custom embroidered baseball cap selection. If you can dream it up, we will stitch n on a hat and send it directly to your door for a song!

Top1 Summer Hats - Visors

That summer sun can quickly become a menace and ruin an otherwise lovely day spent in the great outdoors. Thankfully, sun visors exist, and are among the most practical of choices for a summer hat. We’ve got them in spades, in a variety of shapes, from a small brim to complete protection (for those hikes through the Sahara you are planning). Whatever your need, we’ve got one that will keep those harmful UV rays off your skin, keeping you cool and safe all summer long.

Cowboy Hats

Summer is a great time to be a cowboy! Whether you are just toying around with the country western look, or are an actual rancher with a long tradition of wide skies and wide brims, we’ve got a new summer hat that will have you boot scooting across the prairie in no time, partner!

Formal Hats for Summer

Outdoor summer weddings are all the rage these days, and they call for a very specific type of formal wear. Let us help you pick something nice out for your upcoming special event. Out wide selection of formal summer hats is sure to offer something to tickle your fancy!

Summer is here! And now is by far the best time to pick out a new summer hat. The dog days will be upon us soon and staying cool and fashionable is imperative. Enjoy yourself with a new summer hat from your good time buddies here at

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