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Summer Vacation Hat

The dog days of summer are setting in, and if you are anything like us your thoughts are beginning to be filled with wanderlust. No matter who you are or what you do, summer is a fantastic time to stop and smell the roses. That’s right, it’s vacation time baby! So the only question is, where do you want to go? Ok, maybe not the only question. A vacation involves a lot of planning, but thankfully we here at the offices of are able to take the fashion variable out of the equation. After all, you want to look good when you get where you’re going, right? With our sweet line of vacation hats, you can pack in style and arrive in high-fashion! Let’s take a look at which way the wind is blowing, shall we? In particular, we will focus this week on the many styles of the humble fedora, our pick for this year’s perfect vacation hat.

Vacation Hat

#1 Vacation Hat - Straw Fedoras

The gold standard vacation hat has officially arrived. Classically cool, breathable, lightweight, and practical – the straw fedora is everything you need from the time you step on the plane until you are back in your own bed again. Check out the many forms and fashions of this one of a kind vacation hat.

Rasta Fedora

Heading for a cool island vibe this summer? Well look no further than our awesome Rasta fedoras for a vacation hat themed to your trip. With the earthy tones of the islands, you’ll be rocking out on the steel drums in no time mon.

Women’s Fedoras

While fedoras have traditionally been a masculine hat, the world of women’s fashion has embraced this quality vacation hat with gusto. We have a wide assortment of women’s fedoras, just in time for the travelling season. Ladies, join the fun with a sweet fedora today, and make the most of summertime!

Panama Hat Fedora

The so-called Panama hat, which actually hails from Ecuador, is a great bit of tropical vacation fashion for your holiday this year. Super lightweight and stylish, it goes perfectly with a mojito and a slow day on the beach.

Wherever you decide to fly off to, make sure you are bringing along the best that your wardrobe has to offer. Looking nice when you arrive in a new place goes a long way to helping you acclimate and get more comfortable. So sit back and peruse our vacation hat selection to your heart’s content!

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