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Summer Vacation SALE - 20% OFF

It is usually around this time of year when we here at the offices of are seized by a whole lot of wander lust. The dog days are only a slog if you let them be, after all, and we certainly prefer to break out of the ordinary and steal a little vacation time during these balmy days. What about you? Have some big plans for your Summer Vacation? Whatever you fancy, we at the Internet's grandest hat providers are here to send you off in style and absolute comfort.
With this as our goal, we are proud to announce our blowout Summer Vacation Sale! That’s right party people, between the dates of 7/20 and 7/26, you can have a ball and save it all! Well, not all, but a whopping 20% off of your entire purchase. Simply fill up your cart and head to checkout, and we will stack the savings up higher (and longer lasting) than your best sandcastle. Let’s check out what styles Summer Vacation has in store, shall we?

Summer Vacation Sale

Summer Vacation Sun Hats

The last thing you want to happen on the first day of your vacation to some far away, pristine beach, is an awful sunburn. Trust us, we’ve been there, and that painful, red radiation is really no joke. Thankfully, protecting yourself from the harmful UV rays only requires some fairly basic technology. You guessed it! A sun hat is your most stylish protection for the long, summer days spent outdoors.

Baseball Caps

Summer is a great time for this All-American classic. If we had to pick what we like best about the humble baseball cap, it would be the immense amount of customization. Truly, the front of a cap is a canvas, with which to paint whatever you want to express. During our Summer Vacation Sale, you can take advantage of our humongous selection of custom embroidered baseball caps, and show the summer world what is truly important to you!

Flag Hats

Planning on crossing plenty of international borders during your far-flung summer getaway? Let us help you rep your home soil with a hat that shows who you are and where you’ve come from. If it has a flag, we’d be happy to stitch it on a hat for you-- but make sure to pack your passport as well!

Bucket Hats

If you plan on spending this summer vacation reeling in fillets out on your local lake, we have a hat that is the perfect catch for you! Bucket hats are super durable, and provide serious protection from the elements. So if you are looking for something that won’t quit on you when you are waist deep in a raging river, accept no substitute.

However you are planning to spend this glorious summer vacation, we hope you’ll find time to stop and smell the roses. And if the roses aren’t enough to get you excited, stop by and check out our Summer Vacation Sale! We will see you then!

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