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Sun Hats for Men and Wemon

We humans have a conflicted relationship with the sun. On the one hand, it's bright and shiny face gives us warmth, vitamin D, and a pep in our step on a bright and sunny day. However, it isn’t all rose petals, and too much exposure to this giant ball of burning gas is a one-way ticket to wrinkles, skin damage, and possibly even cancer. Like all good things, the sun is best enjoyed with a bit of moderation. In order to help you keep those burns at bay, we here at are dedicating this week to sun hats, in all their many colors, styles, and shapes. Without further ado, let’s look at some of the shady selections we’ve got in store for you this week. Sun hats

Floppy Wide Brim Hats

Nothing ruins a day at the beach quite like being scorched by the sun. Now you can transform yourself into a walking bit of shade with this wide diameter sun hat. Classically feminine, easy to stow and pack, and as shady as a parasol, these may be the perfect sun hats for your next trip or outdoor event.

UV Sun Block Hats

When looking elegant isn’t such an important concern, but your fair skin is, we’ve once again got just the right sun hat to fit your needs. These hats are extensively protective and are designed to cover all of your sensitive areas with a thick, sturdy material. UV Sun Block Hats can be particularly useful if you are headed somewhere close to the equator, where the sun can be a serious danger to the fair skinned among us.

Roll up Brim Hats

If you’d like something with a bit more of a low profile, the roll up hat might be for you. While not quite as protective as some of the other items on our list, this sun hat makes for a subtle way to limit your UV exposure. The material is lightweight and breathable as well, so check them out today!

Outback Sun Hats

Outback hats might be our personal favorite sun hat here at Exotic without being over-the-top, shady without being too large, the outback hat strikes a great balance between protection and style. Check out all the lightweight and breathable options we’ve got to choose from.
Whatever sun hats are for you, make sure you do take your skin into consideration this summer. While a frolic in the sunshine is time well spent, you don’t want to end up paying for it down the road. So let us here at help you protect yourself through every season. Grab sun hats or accessories from our wide selection and enjoy the outdoors without a bit of worry.
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