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The Birth of a Hat: Ball Cap

The Baseball cap is one of America's most iconic hats. 71e633531d0925dee852ec2eea676afaOrigins: The baseball cap has had a storied history. The baseball cap has become an American icon over the last century or so. The baseball cap is the only hat style that was born in America. The ball cap was brought into prominence by the famous by early baseball players. Many people quickly took to the idea of a baseball cap because they could show their love of their favorite team with the world. The early baseball cap turned out to be the perfect fit for the country at the time. The hat was simple, the hat was functional and it was a new style unique to Americans. At the time Baseball was just starting to become America’s pastime and the ball cap was a part of the team’s uniform and fans wanted to look like their favorite ball players. The baseball cap was soon adopted in other sports like basketball, football, NASCAR and many other sports. The hats enabled fans to show their fanaticism for their favorite team in a comfortable and fashionable way. 1937_Major_League_Baseball_All-Star_sluggersThe baseball cap would quickly evolve from its early inception. It was not long until farmers, truckers, laborers and the average American adopted these hats into their everyday wardrobe. The baseball cap would reach the peak of its popularity in the 80’s and 90’s and the hat became a hot fashion item. This increased popularity was due to early hip hop artists incorporating the baseball cap into their style. Just like many other classic American items like baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and NASCAR, the baseball cap was engrained in American culture for over half a decade now. It became a symbol of America. You could walk along any street in America and see someone with a baseball cap on their head and tennis shoes on their feet.         stitch ball capStyles: There are so many styles of baseball caps available today. You can find adjustable and fitted caps available in so many different colors and designs. If you like simpler designs, you can find solid color hats perfect for any occasion. You can find baseball caps with every logo and design imaginable, that can help you show support to your favorite team, support a cause that you believe strongly in, or even just to look ridiculously good. The ball cap is one of the most casual caps in existence and can be worn at almost any event. Fitted caps give your hat a glove like feeling on your head. This is the best way to get a hat that fits you exactly the way that you want. If you like adjustable hats that is another great option but lacks the visual appeal that a fitted hat offers. The hat has evolved over the last 50 years. No matter what happens in the future, the baseball cap will always be synonymous with America and our culture.   baseball_sharp_seams  The Future... Nowadays you will have a hard time looking in any closet in America and not finding at least one baseball cap in the closet. Embroidery has evolved so much in the last 50 years and caps are embroidered with almost any design or logo that you can imagine. Baseball caps today are used to show the world what team or brand you love and support. The hats in a way turn the wearer into a walking billboard. People could tell the world so much about them just by the hat they were wearing on their head. I don’t know if Babe Ruth knew that the baseball hat would evolve this far. The baseball cap is and will always be a simple functional part of our America’s wardrobe and American culture. A baseball cap is almost as synonymous with American culture as apple pie.  The baseball cap has come a long way and it will always hold a special place in the heart of hat lover everywhere.   red-heart-1362916005N5ZShow Your Hat Some Love Baseball caps are pretty simple to care for. Taking great care of your hat can help your hat last well beyond its years. Almost any hat you might own today is most likely made of these common materials, cotton, twill, polyester, or jersey. Most of these hats have a plastic form but some might still have the cardboard brim. You can purchase wash molds designed to help your hat keep its shape during the wash, but even just throwing your hat in the washer or even the dishwasher can give you the same results. If you would like to test your individual hat put in in the wash either by itself or with like colored items just in case you get color bleed from your hat. When washing your baseball cap you should always use cold water and be sure to never use any kind of bleach or bleach based product. These products can cause discoloration. When it comes to drying, the best method is to simply air-dry your hat. The dryer might cause shrinking or material degradation. Check your hat’s tag for more information about materials and washing instructions.       mesh ball capbaseballball cap Here are some common hat care tips:
  • Every hat will develop its own personality and style with time. Small marks on the hat are all part of the hats life cycle and only add to its authenticity.
  • All hats can be treated with a waterproof spray if necessary
  • Some hats might shrink if they are exposed to high heat, or left out exposed to sunlight
  • A stiff brim allows your hat to be shape the way that you would like, but some hats feature a flexible brim that allows the hat to be crushed.
  • If you do not have a hat form place the hat on a bowl while it dries to keep its form.
  • The dishwasher is another viable option for washing a hat but can sometimes fade the colors of the hat,
  • Dry cleaning is also a cheap and effective way to keep your ball cap clean
  • If you are completely lost about hat care check the tag to find washing instructions
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